White Light Circus

Interrupted Time / Secret Operator

Image of White Light Circus - Interrupted Time / Secret Operator
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DC Recordings

About this item

"Interrupted Time" is another burst of blinding light from the White Light Circus, the astronomical alter ego of Dean Meredith, also known as one half of Chicken Lips, alongside Andy Meecham (aka The Emperor Machine), and Goat Dance. These two new tracks from the White Light Circus continue the theme of densely textured, sci-fi disco freak outs, delivering similar musical textures as the acclaimed 12" releases "Rocket Ride" and "Marching Orders". The track is a slow and spacious electronic groove driven by a warm and pulsing fuzz bass hook. Analogue melodies fizz and crackle around a relentless, dancefloor caressing rhythm. On the flipside "Secret Operator" continues the cosmic disco theme with an infectious groove that gradually breaks down into a bubbling electro vortex. Fans of Italo and early house will find here classic sounds that recall the work of dance music's pioneers at their most beguiling.

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