I Wanna Be 5 Semitones Down

Image of Unknown - I Wanna Be 5 Semitones Down
Record Label
When Doves Cry

About this item

File Under: Deep Downtempo, Xanax Soul, R’n'B Drankie

Have you ever been trippin’ on Brandy? Well here’s your chance to get down… deep down. Served by two kings in the industry who wish to remain unnamed. Dropping the octaves and upping the opiates, the duo slow dance an R’n'B vocal through dewy pads and echoing perx, concocting a late night anthem for the club and the bedroom.


Patrick says: I'm sworn to secrecy about the headz behind this bop but rest assured they're a pair of European DJ royalty. Nabbing a choice Brandy vocal and pitching it down into serious narco territories, the duo concocts a sensuous midnight rumble somewhere between moody hip hop, slo mo house and cutting edge electronica. BIG TIP!


A1. I Wanna Be 5 Semitones Down
B1. I Wanna Be Instrumental

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