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20 Jazz Funk Greats - 40th Anniversary Edition

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One of THE classic post-punk albums of the late 70s, "20 Jazz Funk Greats" sees Throbbing Gristle breaking away from their strictly industrial / experimental noise sound of previous years and dipping a toe in more accessible waters. Obviously that's 'accessibility' TG style, with the title track opener mixing a minimal drum rhythm, melancholic trumpet wails and synth noise - not necessarily one for the youth club disco... Originally released in 1979 - the same year as PIL's "Metal Box", and with a similar boundary-pushing desire, "20 Jazz Funk Greats" is one of the most influential albums for the forthcoming 1980s EBM movement. Standout tracks include the drum-panned sequence-heavy "Still Walking", morose "Convincing People" (TG's answer to "Poptones"?), the krautrock-inspired beauty "Walkabout" and massive disco-not-disco / electro-dance anthem "Hot On The Heels Of Love". Essential.


Patrick says: Although it clocks in at eleven tracks, none of which are even vaguely jazz-funk, this LP really is great. Better than great actually - it’s a sleazy, queasy, properly perverted masterpiece. In a move which laid the blueprint for the industrial and EBM movements which followed, Hull’s finest married post punk grit with corrosive synthesis to create a truly unsettling listen.


CD1 / LP
Beachy Head
Still Walking
Convincing People
Hot On Heels Of Love
What A Day
Six Six Sixties

CD2 (TGCD4 Only)
Weapon Training (The Factory 1979)
Convincing People (The Factory 1979)
They Make No Say (Northampton 1979)
Five Knuckle Shuffle (The Factory, Manchester 1979)
His Arm Was Her Leg (The Factory 1979)
See You Are (The Factory 1979)
What A Day (The Factory 1979)
Discipline (Manchester, 12" Single A-Side)
Discipline (Berlin, 12" Single B-Side)

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