The Brian Jonestown Massacre


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To coincide with the Brian Jonestown Massacre’s start of their 2022 European tour is the release of two new tracks by the band. Recorded in Berlin & remotely between 2020 & 2021, the opening track “Fudge” is from the forthcoming album “The Future is Your Past” the second track “The Future is Your Past” is exclusive to this release (Yes I know it’s not a typo the B side is the name of the forthcoming album but the track is not on the album).

With Anton Newcombe (Vocals/ Guitars) Hakon Adalsteinsson (guitar), Hallberg Daði Hallbergsson (bass), & Uri Rennert (drums) playing on this offering . The release comes in a heavy weight PVC bag with the artwork being a J card so you can see the vinyl 10”.


SIDE A – Fudge
SIDE B – The Future Is Your Past 

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