Shiken Hanzo

Eternity Of Echoes

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Cutting edge label Incienso is hyped to announce the next release of 2022 from one of the UK’s most interesting and distinctive producers, Shiken Hanzo.

While known primarily for his hybrid halftime d&b and techno sound, Shiken switches it up with new diversions in tempo and rhythm throughout "Eternity of Echoes", all the while maintaining his idiosyncratic blend of dystopian soundscapes, industrial drums, and pulsating, deep basslines.

It's got that thick, claustrophobic fog hanging over it like much of DJ Python's catalogue yet with a more much technologically focused dissection of rhythm, atmosphere and movement. It'll work alongside grime, cumbia, dembow, techno and UKF extremely well and should intrigue both club goers and home listeners with its punishing yet exquisite sound design. Recommended! 


Matt says: Thick, fuggy, claustrophobic dembow, industrial dancehall and Cumbia hybrids that shudder and quake. Quite fearsome in parts, perfect for causing vast swathes of tension across the arena.


A1. Darkest Entities
A2. Eightfold Blessings Of Amaterasu
B1. Eternity Of Echoes
B2. The Reaping

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