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Mr Bongo Edits - Volume 1

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Mr. Bongo

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How do you breathe new life into a treasured, classic track? Answer: let Danny Krivit loose on it! Who better to inaugurate the Mr Bongo Edit Series than one of the bosses of the art of the edit.

More than just simple re-touches or loops to make the track easier to mix, Danny works his magic by employing all those years of studying and working with music as a remixer, producer and DJ. He has been honing his craft since the art form began and he seems to have a natural intuition for what works on the dance floor. When Mr Bongo asked Danny if he would be interested in reworking some tracks from their back catalogue we knew the edits would be special, but Danny has outdone himself with these beauties, and arguably they are more than just edits.

By sheer chance, Danny had already worked on a rough personal mix of Sabu Martinez's 'Hotel Alyssa-Sousse, Tunisia', a track taken from the treasured 'Afro Temple' album originally released in 1973. Danny just needed to freshen and tighten it up to a standard he was happy with, and the result is pure Latin fire.

The Belgian / Dutch orchestra leader Nico Gomez's 'Lupita' from 1971 is an undisputed banger, this underground Latin-crossover favourite has been causing mayhem on dance floors for years. Here Danny takes it into another sphere adding extra drama and build-ups, adding and overlaying fresh percussion which sounds like it could have been taken from lost outtakes. Even those who may have heard 'Lupita' countless times, are sure to be impressed by the new lease of life that Danny has breathed into it. 2 huge tracks and 2 killer edits from a master of the craft.


Matt says: A bit like David Morales (or John Morales too for that matter); when you see 'reworked / remixed by Danny Krivit' then 99% of the time it's gonna be gold, buy on sight! Indeed, many credit the artistry of the edit to this NYC legend. It's a delight to see him let loose on some Mr. Bongo joints here - brimming with organic percussion and instrumentation. He just has a knack of eeking out the roots of a track, the essence of what makes it groove - the fire inside its belly. These two jazz leaning, percussive heavy jams from the early 70s are taken to another level under Danny's deft hand.


A1. Sabu Martinez - Hotel Alyssa- Sousse Tunisia (Danny Krivit Edit)
B1. Nico Gomez & His Afro Percussion Inc - Lupita (Danny Krivit Edit)

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