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Rotifer is a band fronted by Austrian musician, writer, broadcaster and journalist Robert Rotifer. Robert’s music is an individual blend of 60’s melodic English influences, 70’s punky directness, absorbing lyrics, flights of fancy. The Hosting Couple is actually his sixth album, but the first UK release by Canterbury-based Robert Rotifer, backed by Ex-Hefner Darren Hayman on bass and producer/musician about town Ian Button on drums. This selection of songs about likely subjects such as drones dropping bombs on your hometown, Austrian sound poetry, a holiday in Canvey Island, and the marine lab in Aberdeen was recorded and produced by legendary curmudgeon Wreckless Eric at his studio in France.


1. The Drone
2. Jazz Cigarettes
3. Aberdeen Marine Lab
4. Canvey Island
5. Ernst Jandl At The Albert Hall
6. Art For The Spare Room
7. Mr Extra Item Seat
8. Bag Drop
9. Way Of The World
10. Creosote Summer
11. Now That I'm Gone
12. Father's Name Is Dad

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