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Levitation Sessions

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The Perth-based psychedelic rock n roll machine rip through a full platter of their high-speed tunes, shot in two locations and heralding their new LP, Night Gnomes. Crunchy riffage, addictive melodies and no-holds barred psychedelia is on tap.

"Thank you Levitation for getting us out the house! Absolute pleasure to be asked to collaborate on something together. There’s a brilliant story involving an angry local and a bulldozer if you’re won-dering why the location changes, but for the minutes we were filming it was magical. Gnomes till we die! Thanks to Jelly, Tay, Jared, Dima, & the McEwan crew for helping us put this together, love you all." – PPC


1. Keen For Kick Ons
2. Hymn For A Droid
3. Lava Lamp Pisco
4. Bill's Mandolin
5. Tally Ho
6. Gurzle
7. Mundungus
8. Cubensis Lenses
9. Found God In A Tomato
10. Cornflake
11. Mr. Prism

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