High For Life

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Redstone Press

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Pseudopolis returns to Redstone Press with Eris Drew for a remix under her Bassbin 23 alias!

Label co-boss Pseudopolis touches down on Redstone Press for the third time. If you’ve heard the last two you know the drill.

Taking no prisoners from the outset, “High For Life” establishes the mood of the EP, combining unrelenting breaks, bouncing basslines and a big-room energy that acts like a pressure release after many nights making music with no clubs in sight, a track that doesn’t loosen its grip throughout.

"Euphoria Inc." keeps the room at boiling point with Pseudopolis expertly fusing climatic rave energy, broken breakbeats and a murky Reece bassline into an equally euphoric yet foreboding warehouse tool.

“Haze Runner” continues with the ruffneck breaks but raises the bpms and dread level, sounding like something that would soundtrack your teenage weed psychosis or your current 6AMs spent in front of your favourite jungle sound system’s bassbins.

Speaking of which, Eris Drew hits up the label under her new guise Bassbin23. Years of dancing, rejoicing and playing dusty warehouse raves have informed this rendition of “High for Life”, stripping it back to a fun filled 4x4 rave weapon. 


Matt says: Bad ass raggamuffin breakbeats that bite hard. Some nice hardcore / jungle work outs contained within also. Killer release from Redstone Press.


A1. High For Life
A2. Euphoria Inc.
B1. Haze Runner
B2. High For Life (Bassbin23 Remix)

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