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A Life Of Surprises : The Best Of

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Off the back of the incredible recent album ‘I Trawl The Megahertz‘, Prefab Sprout have announced exciting release plans for remastered vinyl versions of three of the band’s classic albums along with their incredible greatest hits collection ‘A Life of Surprises: The Best Of’. From the remastering and artwork, to sourcing new images, the project has been fully orchestrated by both Paddy and Martin McAloon.

The releases include the band’s hit collection, ‘A Life of Surprises: The Best Of’ which is available as a double LP for the first time.


The King Of Rock' N' Roll 4:25
When Love Breaks Down 4:09
The Sound Of Crying 4:44
Faron Young 3:47
Carnival 2000 3:22
Goodbye Lucille #1 (Johnny Johnny) 4:28
I Remember That 4:15
Cruel 4:19
Cars And Girls 4:27
We Let The Stars Go 3:35
Life Of Surprises 4:05
Appetite 3:57
If You Don't Love Me 3:44
Wild Horses 3:41
Hey Manhattan! 4:46
All The World Loves Lovers 3:51

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