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Club Culture Rarities

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The 8th release on Club Culture Rarities, "Entity" by Mr. Marvin, originally released on Dance Floor Corporation in 1991; is a certified downbeat / post-club classic. Lowering the tempos, maximizing the bliss and with a motif so memorable it gets rolled out across four different versions!

Sounding like a late edition to Pete Wiggs and Bob Stanley's recent "Fell From The Sun" compilation - the track is drizzled in a rosy, post-XTC hue, baggy energy and seriously uplifting vibe; the perfect come-down track absolutely smothered in positive emotion. Three alternative versions take on breaks, street soul and jazzy deep house - all with a decidedly Italian flavour and sophistication and not to forget the seductive Nikita Dreams version with that French female vox. This is the absolute bomb your after party cannot do without! 


Entity (Fitzcarraldo… Extasy Of Love Mix)
Entity(1st Edition) 
Entity (Jazzy)
Entity (Nikita Dreams) 

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