Mat Carter & Radioactiveman

Book Of Words EP

Image of Mat Carter & Radioactiveman - Book Of Words EP
Record Label
Varial Records

About this item

From a shared love of electronica, aquatic techno funk and tribal rhythms comes this collaboration between Varial regular Mat Carter and the legendary Radioactive Man.

Recorded at The Cube, raw electronics and warm analogue sounds flow and almost breath with life as synths spray atmosphere over washed out stabs which swing from one note to the next. Layered effects sit alongside glitches and heavily distorted breaks perfectly suited for the rumbling subwoofers of soundsytems. It's got that cybernetic B-boy swagger throughout, as well as possessing some of the most stimulating and texturized synth patches you're likely to hear all year! 


Matt says: Good old Keith. A national treasure in my humble opinion. Loving these recent collaborations (see also the one with Ara-U) but this one with Mat Carter takes the biscuit! Hardwired scuzz n swirls cemented with some tuff electroid beats. With Keith a cutting room wizard, the vinyl sounds ultra fat and weighty too. In short, high grade electro goodness you can't do without!


A1. Morph Ball
A2. Morph Ball Stripped
B1. Phase 4
B2. Ancestral Charge

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