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More Elevator Music

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Lewis Recordings

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The many monikered, multifaceted genre smasher Leron Thomas, nowadays better known as Bill Callahan-sounding outsidere MC Pan Amsterdam, switches into his OG jazz mode with the scattershot mastery of 'More Elevator Music'. Taking the first three tracks as a sample of the wanton eclecticism of the LP, Leron opens with a meditative modern jazz piece, then fuzzes out with Iggy Pop for a avant jazz punk snarler, before aping naive house on the electronic oddball "People Are Watching". Wildly creative and insanely catchy tackle from this perennial boundary pusher.


Side A:

1. Conference Room
2. In The City (Feat. Iggy Pop)
3. People Are Watching
4. IFeel
5. Fox Wit
6. Audacious Pigeons

Side B

1. Veins
2. IDo
3.. Blind
4. Endicott
5. Corporate
6. Field Trip

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