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Crosstown Rebels

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Three tidy remixes from Krust's "The Edge of Everything", released in 2020. Uncle is first up with a heavy breakbeat refix of "Hegel Dialect". Swirling, phazing breaks inna proper 4 Hero / Bowlers fashion with old skool subs and glistening leads to boot. Hodge gives "Constructive Ambiguity" the necessary bomb-proofing and kevla protection it needs to survive the nastiest warehouse combat. Meanwhile on side B, DJ Nature stretches out "Deep Fields of Lies" across the whole side, turning it into a smoldering shamanic workout with incricate percussion, hypnotic repetition and vision-shifted sequences - very cerebral, very nice! 

The third in the series. Limited copies. 


Matt says: Brittle, granite-tough remixes of Bristol legend Krust from Unkle and Hodge. Meanwhile, DJ Nature offers up a side-long excursion into urban shamanism which'll keep the city slickers tweakin' till the RCs run out.


A1 Hegel Dialect (Unkle Reconstruction)
A2 Constructive Ambiguity (Hodge Remix)
B1 Deep Fields Of Liars (DJ Nature Remix)

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