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Produced by Brandon Darner (Imagine Dragons), Keuning is the new musical project of Dave Keuning, founding member and guitarist of the Killers.

Combining both acoustic and electric guitars, as well as a longtime fascination with keyboards and electronic music – which he wasn’t able to explore as much as he would’ve liked in The Killers – Keuning has created a psychic diary that allows us to connect the dots and learn what brought him to a career crossroads.


1. Boat Accident
2. The Night
3. The Queen's Finest
4. I Ruined You
5. Ruptured
6. If You Say So
7. Prismism
8. Restless Legs
9. Pretty Faithful
10. High Places
11. Broken Clocks
12. Gimme Your Heart
13. Stuck Here On Earth
14. Hope And Safety

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