Friends Of Our Youth

That Was Then

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Zorg Recordings

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That Was Then. The scuffed and shiny debut album from Manchester-birthed four piece Friends of Our Youth, bringing transcendent sounds from a differently-shaped constellation where human problems have long coalesced into bright spheres of beauty and love. That Was Then drapes a garment of shimmering polyphonic fibre, glorious guitars and deeply haunting vocals over propulsive drums and bass, celebrating too the gashes in that fabric, dark cosmology and fuzzy logic in which the most profound things are born. Nuclear heart of that serene, faraway star. The result is triumphant and tearful. You’ll hold your sleeves to your eyes and your loved ones close. 


Barry says: Manchester's Friends Of Our Youth present an upbeat jangle, sitting somewhere near the classic songwriting of The La's or, the emotive swoon of The National. In parts, we veer into hefty psychedelic territories, but never with less than both eyes on the melody.


1. That Was Then
2. Taxi
3. Summer
4. The Search
5. Tales Of The Unrequited
6. Whatever Makes It Easy
7. Dim Light
8. Kings & Queens

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