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Blissful Repetitions

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Polytechnic Youth

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The wonderful new full length from Swede, Daniel Brandt’s Free / Slope project. “Blissful Repetitions” features 5 extended kraut infused jams, inspired in equal measures, by the likes of Spacemen 3, “Lazer Guided Melodies” era Spiritualized, Manuel Gottsching, Alice Coltrane, Terry Riley, Cluster / Harmonia, Morricone, David Crosby and Bo Hansson.

…..”Through the haze of a warm summer night FREE / SLOPE emerges, painting in tones a lazy state of bliss and calm. By blending the enigmatic melancholia and pastoral tones of fellow countryman Bo Hansson, (with cues taken from many of the names above), Daniel improvises kosmische jams that evoke not only space but also the serene scenery of Swedish west coast nature, afternoon daydreams and otherworldly psychedelic landscapes.

With a truly unique and personal melodic sensibility the music shines bright with its own special colours, ensuring the listener an experience both familiar and excitingly new. “Blissful Repetitions" will appeal both to the seasoned krautrock aficionado looking for some fresh jams to the casual listener seeking everyday escapism. Experimental but accessible, crystal clear yet blurred, organic but electronic - a fully formed vision brought to reality in a small bedroom studio.

It’s a mellow yet adventurous trip, cut on gorgeous clear vinyl, a soothing remedy for anyone wanting to escape the anxiety-ridden current state of the world" - Daniel aka F R E E / S L O P E.


Barry says: You know it's a good week when two PY records land at the same time. First up is this beautiful selection of blipping oscillations and (ahem) blissful repetitions from Free / Slope aka Daniel Brandt. Whirring and cosmic, full of beautiful proggy guitar and snappy percussion. You always know you're in for a treat with PY, and this is one of my favourites so far.

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