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In January 2021, Eelco Topper (Felbm) went into hermit mode by way of a two week residency at Buitenplaats Doornburgh, a former monastery on the outskirts of his hometown of Utrecht, Netherlands. He had already intended to use only natural elements for inspiration, such as naturally- occurring textures and patterns, and the earthiness of acoustic instruments like singing bowls and a range of wooden percussion. On arrival, the contemplative architecture of the building and the peace of the surrounding landscapes energized Topper so much that these initial ideas blossomed into nearly 50 minutes of intimate 4-track cassette recordings. Following the residency, Topper collaborated with a cast of local guest musicians on flute, saxophone and cello, infusing the original rhythmic foundation of percussion and acoustic guitar with a lush melodic backdrop. The resulting release - simply titled 'Elements of Nature' - marries the futtering melodies and lo-fi cassette sound of earlier Felbm releases with a new conceptual approach and more varied sonic toolkit. Here, Topper successfully preserves the joyful naïveté of the Tapes series while exploring sweeping new ground, resulting in a decisive step forward for Felbm as a composer, producer and artist.

For fans of: KPM library records, Basil Kirchin, Gaussian Curve, Young Marco, Greg Foat, Bibio, L'éclair


Disc 1
1. Soil
2. Root
3. Métaux
4. Cycli
5. Release
6. Florissant
7. Metamorphosis
8. Reflections
9. Fall
10. Tsuyu
11. Timber

Disc 2
1. Reveille
2. Rise
3. Fruit
4. Sustain
5. Attack
6. Phi
7. Rust
8. Wood/Wind
9. Quartz
10. Psi
11. Decay

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