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Your Majesty...We Are Here (Expanded Edition)

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Earl Brutus are Nick Sanderson (Clock DVA, Jesus And Mary Chain, World Of Twist), Gordon King and Jim Fry (World Of Twist), Rob Marche (JoBoxers, Subway Sect) with Shins and Stuart Boreman.

Earl Brutus formed in 1993 and release a handful of singles before their debut album Your Majesty… We Are Here on Deceptive Records in 1996. They are chaotic, glam-rock, glitter-stomp British Pop. They think Bowie, T-Rex, Kraftwerk and The Fall. Their chaotic live shows became folklore and their reviews and interviews were always impressive. Your Majesty… featured in Q Magazine’s Top 50 Albums of the Year in 1996 and in 1000 Albums To Hear Before You Die.

Your Majesty… has been long unavailable and is now re-issued.

The two CD edition also includes all the b-sides sequenced by the band and an unreleased David Arnold remix of Life’s Too Long, the rare Alan Vega (Suicide) version of On Me Not In Me and Earl Brutus Display Purchasing Power, both commercially available for the first time.


1: Navy Head
2: I'm New
3: Male Milk
4: On Me Not In Me
5: Don't Leave Me Behind Mate
6: Thelmex
7: Black Speedway
8: Motarola
9: Shrunken Head
10: Cursty
11: Blind Date
12: Life's Too Long
13: Karl Brutus
14: Single Seater Xmas

DISC: 2 (2cd Edition Only)
1: Earl Brutus Display Purchasing Power
2: North Sea Bastard
3: Mondo Rotunda
4: On Me Not In Me (Alan Vega Version)
5: Bonjour Monsieur
6: Valley Of The Slimkings
7: Like Queer David
8: Life's Too Long (Flash Vs Tarkus)(Saint Etienne Remix)
9: 48 Trash
10: Life's Too Long (David Arnold Remix)
11: I Love Earl Brutus (Introducing Shinya)

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