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Smoke In Da Air

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Databass Records Detroit is celebrating catalogue number 100! Its a new EP by DJ Godfather dropping some fast paced Detroit juke / electro cuts and also some slower house vibes more akin to his Chicagoan brothers and sisters.

Of note is also "Like Some Dubstep" which sees Godfather utilize the infamous 'wub' of dubstep across some percolated booty beats. I'm also really enjoying the 'drank' references in the footwork hybrid "Smoke In Da Air". Top stuff from this long serving stalwart of the ghetto-house scene.

Limited import copies - move quick!


Matt says: Need a bit of booty bass? You can't go wrong with Godfather. One of the scene's longest serving vets; this Detroit producer has incorporated elements of footwerk, dubstep and Chicago house into this new EP. Check!


Smoke In Da Air
Rebirth Of A City
Big Girl Featuring Parkhouse
Like Some Dubstep

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