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Cousin unleashes some modern sorcery on Nummer. Jackson Fester, hailing all the way from Sydney, concocts a suitably shamanic offering for our favourite late nite spellbook. Five meticulously crafted slices of modular dance ritual that channel both the ancient wisdom of the rainforests, the mystique of the deep ocean and the infinite knowledge of the cosmos. Humbling and healing, a stream of universal conciousness harnessed by a skillful soul and transmitted through a finely tuned selection of modern technology. Transcending past and future trends and existing solely in the now. Unfathomable greatness from a true wizard. You need! 


Matt says: Our shamanic section's been looking a bit thin of late. Cue Cousin with his electro-dance-rituals that'll rouse your inner 5-D avatar.


A1. Patrol Shrimp
A2. Moon
A3. Homing Loop
B1. Locked
B2. Nemo’s Dream

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