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Four years on from the massive 'Music Has The Right To Children' Boards Of Canada arrived with triple album epic 'Geogaddi'. It features 23 three tracks of haunting, spooky, exquisite unique electronica. Instead of just repeating the formula of its predecessor, the Scottish duo pushed their sound in a darker direction. However, all of the qualities with which Boards of Canada are identified are still present. Their melodies ooze and whoosh, in an out, rarely repeating and rarely staying true to key or convention. Their timing is startling and impeccable, laying down the biggest of beats in the smallest of places. Syncopation and clipping are not as prominent on 'Geogaddi' as they were on 'Children' but their subtle and frequent presence is crucial to each song's character and presence. Their production is painstakingly attentive to each detail, and it pays off. Every kick of bass drum is perfectly symmetric, crisp, and full.


A1. Ready Lets Go
A2. Music Is Math
A3. Beware The Friendly Stranger
A4. Gyroscope
A5. Dandelion
B1. Sunshine Recorder
B2. In The Annexe
B3 Julie And Candy
B4. The Smallest Weird Number
C1. 1969
C2. Energy Warning
C3. The Beach At Redpoint
C4. Opening The Mouth
D1. Alpha And Omega
D2 I Saw Drones
D3. The Devil Is In The Details
D4. A Is To B As B Is To C
D5. Over The Horizon Radar
E1. Dawn Chorus
E2. Diving Station
E3. You Could Feel The Sky
E4. Corsair
F. Magic Window

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