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Weapons Of Desire

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Mega buzzed to have Weapons Of Desire back on our shelves. Since our last encounter the label have been busy away at world domination starting from their humble home in Leeds and slowly permeating the airwaves of the more tasteful underground dance spots and radio waves.

Number twenty on the label comes from Auto Sound City - the pairing of label head Alex Handley and Tony Aslam -  and is double LP of downright filthy acid jams. Featuring the odd vocalist to give it that extra dimension; "Funk" is a slick exercise in late night jacking acid trax. High grade box jams for your dancing delectation.

Comparisons could be drawn across the timeline - from Phuture to Lil Louis to Jared Wilson to Paranoid London - the legacy is rich and deep; but Auto Sound City are real deal acid enthusiasts with their own take on this mythical genre. 

Strap in for a double LP delight of warehouse flavours conjured up by two minds in full control of their machines. An absolutely storming release to herald the label returning to our shelves - get in!  


Matt says: Expertly constructed acid jams from our favourite machine tweakers over in Leeds. Market leaders of the modern scene, this is real deal jack / acid music which continues the legacy laid down by the OGs like Lil Louis, Phuture etc.


Side 1
1. Trace It Back (feat Jennifer Touch) (7:30)
2. Old & In The Way (6:41)
Side 2
1. Blue Bottle Tokyo (Narcotics) (5:56)
2. Come In & Sin (6:00)
3. Loop 73 (Chicago Man) (5:33)
Side 3
1. Who You Hang With Is Who You Are (6:54)
2. Hell By Myself (Those That Get) (6:52)
Side 4
1. This Is Me (feat Shoko Yoshida) (6:27)
2. Complete Madness (6:47)
3. Fully Clothed & Standing (5:24)

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