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Alice Clark - 2022 Reissue

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When it comes to legendary albums, very few can match the cult status achieved on the international jazz and funk scene, by Alice Clark's eponymous album, recorded for Mainstream Records in 1972. The record which went unnoticed when it first came out has become one of the most sought-after albums ever since it became cult on the London jazz and funk scene in the late 80s. It is now being acknowledged as one of the best soul albums of all-times.

Recorded live over two days at the Record Plant studios in New York City, the album was produced by Bob Shad and arranged by Jazz veteran Ernie Wilkins with a big band setting. The music is a superb mix of jazz and soul blessed by Clark's superb singing and including two all-time favourites, "Don't You Care" and "Never Did I Stop Loving You" plus a selection of heart-wrenching songs beautifully sung by Clark.

Hailed as a soul masterpiece alongside Aretha Franklin or Roberta Flack's best albums, Alice Clark's album took almost fifty years to achieve classic status and Alice Clark is now finally getting the recognition she deserves.


1. I Keep It Hid
2. Looking At Life
3. Don’t Wonder Why
4. Maybe This Time
5. Never Did I Stop Loving You
6. Charms Of The Arms Of Love
7. Don’t You Care
8. It Takes Too Long To Learn To Live Alone
9. Hard Hard Promises
10. Hey Girl

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