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M.A.D. is a collaboration of the Funkroom DJs and producers Moxx And Digilog. After having contributed single tracks for YOSHI005 and WWM003 they subsequently announced their first EP together as M.A.D.

Their "Sanset EP" consists of four drum-oriented house / techno hybrids which, through their cutting-edge production, stand the test of time and work very well with contemporary dancefloor-minded club music alike. That no-way does these track justice - sheer perfection when it comes to grinding techno grooves and tapping into the feral primal energy that only the best can do.

Coming on stronger than a Rolex Punisher - check! 

Vienna’s finest return. The Yoshi label has been providing some seriously under-the-radar and highly specialist tackle for hardware house heads over the course of four previous releases. Now up to number vibe, the label have dropped a V/A EP featuring S-Max, Moxx, Digilog, Mstep and Nino Sebelic.

Deliciously unique but easily enjoyable throughout, the tracks skirt between cut-up house funk in the same vein as Smith N Hack ("Ghetto Fabulous Itemz"), "Darkness"-era Carl Craig ("Severus"), vintage powered warehouse acid ("Back At Work") and Millsian techno ("Rose Dreams"). Literally something for allll the fam to enjoy!

Limited quantaties on this one folks and cultishly hounded by those in the know, you gots to be quick to get in on the action...c.

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