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Vienna’s finest return. The Yoshi label has been providing some seriously under-the-radar and highly specialist tackle for hardware house heads over the course of four previous releases. Now up to number vibe, the label have dropped a V/A EP featuring S-Max, Moxx, Digilog, Mstep and Nino Sebelic.

Deliciously unique but easily enjoyable throughout, the tracks skirt between cut-up house funk in the same vein as Smith N Hack ("Ghetto Fabulous Itemz"), "Darkness"-era Carl Craig ("Severus"), vintage powered warehouse acid ("Back At Work") and Millsian techno ("Rose Dreams"). Literally something for allll the fam to enjoy!

Limited quantaties on this one folks and cultishly hounded by those in the know, you gots to be quick to get in on the action...c.

2nd release on the Vienna based Yoshi Imprint. First one sold out in a flash and this one's just as tasty. I love labels like this: understated, minimal hype and press, just absolutely solid records for DJs and dancers alike; pressed beautifully onto virgin vinyl with a loving and caring hand. "Drive In" is tribal repetition and voodoo distilled and captured into a forward propelled techno form. Woodblock melodies, round kicks and wasp-like synth arrows darting around the mix. Thoroughly hypnotic, the track's repetition is bolstered by the warmth and clarity of the sounds on offer, you don't get bored of listening to these infectious grooves and what is long track duration seems to whizz by in a flash. Exceptional stuff. "Track 01" adopts a similar approach but swaps the woodblock melodies for growling bass riffage. The mid-high frequency interplay with the low end is incredible if not breathtaking, and to me epitomizes the very essence of techno - machines talking to each other in symbiotic unison. "In And Out Of Focus" concludes this mesmerizing set, another eyes-down technoid bleeper. This one's got concentric sine tones circling overhead while a rugged rhythm gets the body to work. Lashings of analogue goodness are strewn like tendrils across the mix in what is an effortless display of techno sophistication. A truly great second release from what could end up be in institutional label. Most recommended.

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