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Ready to transport you away from a cold, dark Mancunian Winter is the Too Slow To Disco cartel, fresh of the yacht with a clutch of poolside pleasure for your next sun lounger session. Packing plenty of bump on this outing from HOLDtight, Delphonic, Jack Tennis and Those Guys From Anthens.

Loopy slo-mo disco grooves characterize HOLDtight's opener, made for that sultry creep across the beachfront with darting eyes as you search for a vacated patch ready to stake your claim too. Delphonic deploys swirling Moogs across a celebratory chord sequence with the appropriate woo's and whee's to accompany such a moment. Jack Tennis gets frisky with a lost Brazilian disco number; working the low pass in a sensual but fervent manner. Those Guys From Anthens' closing nugget ensure a laid back and horizontal vibration sweeps over all who hear; we ain't leaving the party yet! As always, essential stuff for sunnier climbs. 


Side 1
1. HOLDTight - Be My Love 2 Nite
2. Delfonic - Let's Go Disco
Side 2
1. Jack Tennis - Jorge's Pipa
2. Those Guys From Athens - 4 Your Love

Chain Tripping — the band’s seventh LP and third for DFA —was recorded between Marfa, Texas and the band’s home in Los Angeles. The ten songs are unlike anything YACHT has ever made: pop experiments from a sideways dimension coaxed into their studio through a portal opened by machine intelligence.

“AI and Machine Learning represent a revolution in music equivalent to the introduction of the synthesizer or the beginning of laptop music. We’ve been a band long enough to watch technology overwrite our assumptions many times, and felt compelled to bring these new tools into our life,” explains YACHT.

YACHT (an acronym for “Young Americans Challenging High Technology”) is Claire L. Evans, Jona Bechtolt, and Rob Kieswetter. For "Chain Tripping", the trio invented their own working method, at the intersection of DIY and high-tech: they used neural networks to break their patterns apart into infinite variations, which they re-assembled into new songs that they then learned, performed, and recorded live. Rather than rely on any single tool, they brought together several distinct AI processes to generate lyrics (Char-RNN), musical data (MusicVAE), raw audio (SampleRNN), and instrumentation (a “neural synthesizer” called the NSynth). They were inspired by the long history of generative composition, from William S. Burroughs’ cut-up writing method to David Bowie’s custom “Verbasizer” lyrics software from the ‘90s.


1 (Downtown) Dancing
2 Hey Hey
4 Loud Light
5 Blue On Blue
7 Sad Money
8 California Dali
9 Stick It To The Station
10 Little Instant


Shangri-La - White Vinyl Edition

    Patrick says: Back in my salad days, before I became the hirsuite vinyl pedlar am I today, I toiled away as a full time DJ and party promoter, bringing exciting and alternative performers to half full venues on a continuous loss-making journey. It was during this period when I first came across DFA act Yacht. The conceptual thought bubble of Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans, Portland's Yacht sold themselves as an inclusive organisation aiming to enhance the spiritual, physical and psychic well being of mankind through seminars and self help tapes; plus they had tunes, looked amazing and brought the party live. I once saw Jona jump 5' onto a stage from standing. On "Shangri-La", Yacht assert that the future is a blank slate upon which anything can be imposed. "Shangri-La" argues that "Paradise is kinetic potential, a latency within us that has been eaten alive by time." In line with the existing emphasis on self-empowerment in the Yacht philosophy, Yacht's idea of "Utopia" is personal. Yacht believes that the only real sustainable paradise is in our minds, and hence creative output can be a tangible piece of the Utopia within each individual. 'Shangri-La' literally is Yacht's Utopia, a place made of songs.  And what are the songs like, you ask. Still working in a post-punk landscape the duo created a mix of B-52's style quirky pop, DFA disco and off kilter bass grooves. The result is an absolute classic, join the movement.

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