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Biga Ranx

On Time Remix

    Remixed version of Biga*Ranx’s first album "On Time" with a massive casting of featurings and producers including DJ Aphrodite, Benny Page, Chinese Man, Mungo’s Hi Fi, Kanka to name a few! 

    The first Biga*Ranx album "On Time" available once again, displaying the foresight and incredible vocal skills of this rising French MC. This unconventional, multi-faceted singer combines a typical Dancehall flow with a melodic, soul-oriented style. Biga* worked with various European beatmakers for the album (a theme that would continue...), including Olo from the Ondubground collective and the Danish producers Maffi. The Austrian rapper Governor General Rugged with whom he created a hip-hop alternative Mus Bus, the legendary Joseph Cotton and Green Cross with whom he has shared the stage since his beginnings all join Biga across sixteen killer tracks. From ragga to hip-hop, with guitar riffs and electronic sounds a plenty, it shows you just how cutting edge this artist was, way back in 2011. Limited reissue.

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