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Theo Nasa / Traynor


Another brace of bangers from World Unknown Music. Big and fat and disco-ready, mastered by Andy Blake and Lawrie Curvepusher via tape.
World Unknown and Theo Nasa first crossed paths in Andres Branco's vintage designer clothes emporium, Wavey Garms. A tribute to the infamous Berlin nightclub, Berghain, "LSTBRGHN" flutters and flickers, a shimmering ode to late night excess that'll keep you moving well into the next morning when the office workers are on their way to the grind. After sending the label a stunning 8-track demo, Messrs Bowley and Blake had real trouble deciding which one to choose for Traynor's debut release and eventually went to "Sunward". It's trippy and shimmering with a ton of pump. Trancey but not trance, or maybe it is. The kind of thing that lights up your night in a club and gets played again and again at home or in the car. Well good. 

Neville Watson / Apiento

One Four Green / The Orange Place

World Unknown is a monthly underground party held in a railway arch in Brixton, South London. It’s a post-industrial pleasure dome full of strange and often exotic music that pumps and throbs and shimmers and shakes. The 60s and 70s vintage projector-based lighting and roomful of disco-fog adds to the otherworldliness of the night which is totally unlike any other club in London, and quite possibly the world.

Noting a distinct shortage of contemporary record labels releasing the kind of music that they play at the parties, organisers and resident DJs Andy Blake (Cave Paintings, Dissident) and Joe Hart (Bodyhammer, Bloc) decided World Unknown should have its own 12” only label. Each World Unknown release will be a split-artist 12” and there will be six coming out in the first year of the label’s life. 

If you were to cut Neville Watson he would bleed acid house. For his first WU contribution he ventures down the ethereal proto-house boulevard. Jacking 707 patterns, a bouncing Juno bassline and outer-space synth lines take you into the upper atmosphere for a glorious airborne joyride. As ever, Neville manages to evoke those 85-89 feelings without ever sounding merely retro or like some kind of pastiche, something that many attempt but very few manage to pull off.

Over on side U Apiento, the force behind the magisterially brilliant Testpressing website, chips in with a heartfelt homage to the new beat sound. Another testimony to the fact that a lower tempo doesn’t have to mean diminished energy levels, "The Orange Place" simply oozes class from top to bottom. Like some lost Ancienne Belgique classic it pounds and pumps along, building up the tension all the while until the quasi- Eastern refrain lets loose half way thru and all of a sudden a mystic portal opens up in the space-time continuum that leads all the way to Southwark Street in late 87.

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