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For a fledgling label, it's a testament to the quality and diversity of it's curations that this neon finger-clicking number can sit happily alongside their first release, the superb (and decidedly cosmic ambient excursion) 'As The Spirit Wanes' by psychedelic synthesist and Jane Weaver-backer extraordinaire Raz Ullah. 

Things start steadily enough with throbbing filtered bass guitar and glassine chimes before thumping into the riotously funky, and perfectly balaced bassy hum of 'Shamed'. Swelling saw waves pull back against the tinny electric keys and body-shaking bass guitar. Sidechained synths sweep slowly around the stereo image, before being joined gradually by layers of density, all perfectly produced and impeccably slotted together, providing a constantly changing and texturally rich backdrop to the smooth as silk vocal blanket draped lovingly over the top. 

'Tonight' is the emotional counterpoint to the euphoric high of the former, with seratonin levels dropping into a resigned but comfortable bubble of introspection and languid visual trails. The throbbing sidechains are still present, but this time infused with sine-wave depth and none of the snarl of those snarks saws. Beautifully rich, and perfectly balaced melancholy, but swirled with stargazing optimism and warm, starry glimmers. 


Barry says: Another fantastic outing on With Bells Records, this time from Women In Love, a transcendent downbeat disco-funk odyssey, both uplifting and introspective in equal measure. Beautifully designed, and presented as ever.


1. Shamed

2. Tonight

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