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Fat White Family

Songs For Our Mothers

Say the band: "While our first LP might be considered an assault, a spasmodic outpouring of disdain generated by the utter tedium of life when it is found unlivable, 'Songs For Our Mothers' is an invitation. It is an invitation, sent by misery, to dance to the beat of human hatred. In it we ask that you take us gently by the hand as we lead you on a journey, a journey that leads us from the blinding white heat of a midday Mediterranean shore, to the embattled boudoir of Ike and Tina Turner, from the clotted grey droll of Dr Harold Shipmans waiting room, to the final hours of the Third Reich in the Berlin bunker".

So that's nice. They continue: "It is as much a catalogue of our obsessions as it is a sensual odyssey; sex, drugs, politics, death, the Northern Irish A-lister Sam Neil, it's all here, all that's left to do now is breathe it in".

Co -produced by Liam Trashmouth and the Fat White Family and recorded at the Trashmouth studios in New Malden and Marcata Studios (where both Swans and Titus Andonicus record) in New Paltz in upstate New York.


says: Raucous and driven indie-rock with a politically charged punk attitude and impeccably balanced melodies, coupled with a sensitive production aesthetic which really sets this apart.


1. Whitest Boy On The Beach
2. Satisfied
3. Love Is The Crack
4. Duce
5. Lebensraum
6. Hits Hits Hits
7. Tinfoil Deathstar
8. When Shipman Decides
9. We Must Learn To Rise
10. Goodbye Goebbels

Cross-Pennine musical experimentalists The Eccentronic Research Council (Sheffield electronic musicians Dean Hohner - I Monster, and Adrian Flannagan - Kings Have Long Arms, and actress Maxine Peake) return with a fabulous fourth album, ‘Johnny Rocket, Narcissist & Music Machine… I’m Your Biggest Fan’, released on Fat White Family's Without Consent imprint. Written from the persuasive point of view of an obsessional fan of a (fictional?) local band - The Moonlandingz, who gig around the (fictional?) South Yorkshire district of Valhalla Dale. Musically we're treated to more analogue synth invention and twisted exotica, while Maxine Peake's increasingly dark, yet hilarious dialogue (written by Flannagan) is as spot on as previous ERC albums.

The album sees The Eccentronic Research Council team up with Lias Saoudi and Saul Adamczewski of South London’s The Fat White Family, who ably play the role of The Moonlandingz.


says: It sounds a bit Radio 4, but this album is a story.. It is a rousing tale (no spoilers) of a woman and her struggles with her passion for music, and her love of a band. Through this we get to hear some back-story, and reasons behind her eccentricities. Sounds weird, right? Now add to that the fact that said woman is inspiringly voiced by Maxine Peake, and the fictional (but now real) band is two members of the Fat White Family, and you have an altogether more promising concept. It delivers wholeheartedly. Fantastically northern voice narrates her life atop a brilliantly written and performed (not to mention historically accurate) fuzzy indie backdrop. When listening as a whole, this is the full package, rousing, moving, rawkous and witty. Truly an experience.


Johnny Rocket, Narcissist & Music Machine… I’m Your Biggest Fan
Welcome To Valhalla Dale
The John That Fell To Earth
I Am Mearley A Flute Lament In The Mind Of A Nuisance
Introducing The Moonlandingz (The Audience On Trial)
The Cooper Effect
Ingratiate & Creep & Other Ignorable EMithers
Sweet Saturn Mine
Internet Spreads Whilst Wiki Leaks / Real Nite Clubbing
Johnny’s Spirit Guide Did Not Send For You
I Am Your Only Fan / Psyche Ersatz
Off The Cloth Moth - SWAT
Mental Illness In Art, As Explained By An
Amateur Psychologist, Sponsored By Google
Claptrap Dreams
You Ruined My Chippy Thursday (Should Of Gone To Codrophenia)
Time Out (Excellent News)
If You Want To Worship - Go To A Church
I Spy On J Rocket & Other Lame
Attempts At Leaving Him Alone
Excuses, Tall Tales Or Both? (You Decide)
Man In Me Lyfe / She Won’t Settle Down (Nightmare Version)
The Ignorance Of Johnny Rocket & The Day The Witch Died
The Bus From Hell - One Bird - One Stone
Lay Your Head Down On The Road (JR’s Ghost At Riverside Mix)

‘The Moonlandingz EP’ (WOUTC003V Only)
Sweet Saturn Mine
I Am Your Only Fan / Psyche Ersatz
Man In Me Lyfe / She Won’t Settle Down (Nightmare Version)
Lay Your Head Down On The Road (JR’s Ghost At Riverside Mix)

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