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Deejay Astral & Fede Lng

Pack The Pipe

    Crrazzy club heat here from Deejay Astral & Fede Lng. Four tracks for the late night dwellers. "Electric Relaxation" creeps in under a fug of droning bass and phosphorus beats; the warped vox bringing to mind Floorplan's "Never Grow Old" only wacked out on a ton of Valium. "Shut 'Em Down" revisits slamming mid 90s house with its elbows-out beats and simple one-hit melody. "Duality" offers a glimmer of cerebral enchantment, as an intricate chime melody is met by seductive vox and crisp rhythms. "Metapysical Therapy" fires incessant pirate radio snippets over rattling house juices, before unfurling into a moment of saccharine-laced joy coupled with a killer b-line. Superb EP here from Deejay Astral & Fede Lng - fully recommended.


    Matt says: Proper tracks deep into the sessions. Won't make much sense unless your 2 deep and the smell of smoke fluid permeates the air...

    Susan's 5th release at its new school house and techno stars DJ Swagger, Axefield, DJ Windows XP and Joakim Hellgren firing on all cylinders. sure have spiced up the spectrum of reason on this one. Swagger's "Green Waters" is a rampant machine gun blast of lo-tuned three-o-three, snappy electro beats and the odd synth tear and squelch. Basically it's gonna growl and splurt out of any high end system as your dancefloor spirals into the stacks salivating like a frenzied mad man. Axefrield switches tact for a broken beat, hardcore informed beast full of intertwining rave b-lines paired with a tight warehouse beat. Again it's no nonsense - maximum fun, that anyone playing to a mass of drugged up bodies can get it into. Piccadilly fave Windows XP (that's the DJ not the operating system, we're firmly into Windows 10 here...- ed) slows things down for a summer face melter rich with 4-ACO inflections and a hallucinatory vibe. Joakim Hellgren is a new one us here, but he concludes the EP in amply form by depositing the classic Roland cowbells onto side changed pads, jungle bass plumes and finally, another vintage sounding drum pattern. Top stuff from everyone involved and finally a v/a EP that truly sounds like Summer 2018 has arrived. Get in!


    Sil says: Well well well, look who is here. It is Susan again. This time she is leaving the house behind and bringing the techno forward. Swagger and Axefield give you two slabs of unforgiving techno beauties whilst Dj Windows XP chills the dancefloor a bit. My favourite... dreamy, delicate and atmospheric. Thank you. Joakim Hellgren does not diggress much from XP's path. All in all... another stomper but the (so far) always reliable Who's Susan. Cheerio.

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