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Lord Of The Isles Featuring Ellen Renton

Whities 029

    Lord of the Isles and Scottish poet Ellen Renton join forces for a reflective record that touches on themes related to climate change, both in the present and future. “Ellen’s poem ’Passing' blew me away and I felt compelled to provide it with a musical accompaniment. I liked how Ellen's vocal recording sounded lo-fi, so I created an environment around it to make it feel cinematic.” ‘Inheritance’ the closing track, picks up where ‘Passing’ leaves off, completing a journey it feels like many of us will experience.

    New shit from the faultlessly up-to-date Whities label. I talked at the start of the year about hybridization across dance music and this is demonstrated brilliantly on this cross-genre romp from electronica stalwart Happa. Combining myriad elements, all with a multidimensional and holographic approach, "Clip" is like Hudson Mohawk and Lunice's TNGHT moniker taken underground into the city's sewers and drizzled in some mutant plasma. Imagine a scene out of Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles set in 3030AD and a marauding band of mutant ravers going of it to DJ Crank.

    "One Three Five" explores those advanced half-time areas that Whities' fans love so much and adds some warehouse friendly M1 stabs. It's a captivating, sweeping and wholly transportive listen that again cements label and producer as market leaders of all things fresh and electronic related. If you've a penchant for the new you need this! 


    Matt says: As always, Whities detail the sonic topography of the emerging sonic terrain before us mere mortals have discovered it.

    A three tracker by Pugilist that explores cross sections of bass, breaks and techno. There's real variation to the styles here but all have the Australian producers signature mastery of rhythmic low end.


    Matt says: Whities Blue continues to mine new bass rhythms and subterrainian frequencies from the earth's crust. RIYL: Sunklo, Blackest Ever Black, Cong Burn etc.

    Whities 014 is by Londoner and master digger, Jules Venturini. It’s a 3 track 12” of discordant choral euphoria with artwork designed by Alex McCullough. Obviously Reichian in its construction, "Flying Kites" should take you immediately into a world of "Music For 18 Musicians"-styled brilliance; the idea expanded on with some extra bleeps and granular effected synthesis. "Keep Me Close", whilst clearly by the same producer with the same ideas, sees the sound go more cosmic, with delicate interstellar string melodies fluttering in on a waves of solar energy. "Trace Of Smoke" completes the set with a more discordant and unsettling number; talking percussion growling fiercely through a haze of fug and static. Head turning, totally unique ambience and atmosphere throughout - recommended!


    Matt says: Hopefully I don't put too many trad noses out of place when I say this - but Jules Venturini is like the Steve Reich of 2017. Meticulously pieced together, "Whities014" perfectly shows off the serene, contented moods of this fantastic soundsmith.

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