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Fontaines D.C.

A Hero's Death - Soulwax Remix


Holy smokes! Soulwax meet Fontaines D.C. uptown with a HUGE remix of the title track from their Grammy nominated LP "A Hero's Death". Celebrating multiple decades of the indie dance floor, the Belgium brothers concoct a shuffling disco-not-disco drum beat before adding a touch of those warped backing vox employed all over "Nite Versions" (think Krack). Intro over, Grian Chatten's semi-spoken vocals take the lead, subtly skewed with fx and emphasised with laser fire, analogue fx and some chunky mechanical synth sounds. Grooving through the refrain of "Life Ain't Always Empty", the Dewaele's let loose with trilling synth licks, piano and guitar, giving us a wonked out workout worthy of the Blockheads but with the Soulwax shimmer. Reasons to be Cheerful Pt. 4 I reckon!


says: Absolutely flying off the shelves right now, this indie-dance UFO sees Soulwax strip down the blessings-counting "A Hero's Death", reassembling the track as a disco-not-disco cyborg with all sorts of whirring mechanical parts. Class!


A. Fontaines D.C. - A Heroes Death (Soulwax Remix)

Two belting house cuts here on this limited edition, vinyl only, hand stamped white label disc from LoveHrtz; who have either been paying close attention to the furore that the Adelphi Music Factory 12" caused t'other week or have burst outta the same camp - it's hard to tell!

"Classic Case" has already been receiving Radio 1 airplay in the UK, and both tracks have been doing the rounds the Ibiza this summer; no surprises really, as the two cuts are solid, feel good, disco injected house tracks that ooze pure party flavour! Are we due a surprise 'French touch' revival? I didn't think so but there's certainly some hi-nrg adulterants doing the rounds at the moment as the yoof look for that explosion of high octane power to soundtrack their Saturday nights. I say - get involved!

Better move quick on this one folks...


says: I've tried to put this back like three times already, fearing my encroachment of old age and lack of high octane techno gigs. Then I thought f**k it, necked two garys and had myself a living room rave.


A1. Classic Case
B1. Touch My Soul

Kicking proceedings off is 'Heads', a mid tempo smooth disco vibes with funky piano keys that will take you high into hedonistic realms. 
Party mood is not over and 'The Jubes' raises the game with some sultry vocals thrown into the mix. The ethos and mission of this 12" remains untouched. 
On the flip, the tempo is increased and an infectious trumpet sample is looped to max effect. Funky, driving beats galloping unbridled yet restrained providing an epic climax that will not leave no punter indifferent. 
A must have for DJs in search of disco killers.


says: Superb and effective 12" oozing feel good vibes and plenty of possibilities. Will put a happy face on all your punters.


A1. Flight Of The Eisenberg
B1. Heads
B2. The Jubes


Sweet Freedom (The Reflex Revision)

Edit royalty The Reflex delivers an incredible revision of this epic cover of the Michael McDonald anthem 'Sweet Freedom' capturing the perfect blend of disco, soul and unadulterated good vibes. Ready and waiting to lift your mood at the drop of a needle.


A. Sweet Freedom (The Reflex Revision)

Stadium house poster boys Adelphi Music Factory return with another massive, mass-uniting big room cut for the festivals and arena gigs that never were in 2020. Turning to the spine-tingling endorphin rushes of hardcore breaks and rave, "My People" is the act's ode to humanity in the grip of crisis; a joyous, arms-aloft tribute to enduring love for the empty dancefloor across the globe. Hang on in their folks, we WILL dance again!


says: Adelphi return to blow your chakras clean outta the top of yer head with possibly the Largest (thanks Pete Tong) release to grace our house section this year. Yes, I know it's technically RAVE but that's where it lives!


A1. My People (Love Can Live Forever)
B1. My People (Love Can Live Forever) (Dub Mix)

Club Winston

Slump / DKD / Toddler

Club Winston aka UK George, co-boss of London party outfit Bubble Chamber (, debuts with three chubby club tracks of sludgy acid, squeaky emo & inverted UK funky.

The pedigree is high as the skilled technician exhibits a highly functional, reductionist aesthetic heavy on sub frequencies and skeletal rhythms and tailor made to tickle n tweak the soundsystem in the freshest way possible.

Rude boy biznis, don't sleep...


says: Fresh-as-u-like tech-break-bass hybrids here from a specialist soundsystem technician. If you're enjoying the Logic1000 12" then this baby should tickly your sub-woofing fancy also.


A1. Slump
B2. Toddler

Ebony & Ivory

Blow Dem Away / Fraud

    Two nice young men dropped into the shop over the weekend with their UK garage (or whatever we're calling it these days!) white label, which I present to you here. Both sides feature rough digital beats with fat bassline punches, topped off by strong MCing by Ivory. Not to be confused with Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder!

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