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Chances are you've already heard this track being played by Zip or Riccardo; It's been causing some damage on the dancefloor for almost a year now. And now it's finally available on wax.

One sided 180g vinyl with a hand stamped label.



Unknown - Unknown. No info, no cover. nothing. But as soon the vocals kick in, you know this is a Depeche Mode track. Pay close attention to the intricate development of the beat, and things start to sound familiar. This is minimal, this is house, this is a minimal house remix of a Depeche track likely by the daddy of the daddies, Ricardo Villalobos, who after two odd decades now, still cuts it.

Expect a lecture on highly curated production on this 12". The Depeche vocals are as captivating as always and the Villalobos treatment greatly enhances the original. This is a must have and will fly as soon as we get it. LImited copies so be quick!

12 Inch 180g, one sided, white label,  handstamped, limited, vinyl only. It ticks all the boxes of a highly desirable piece of wax.


Sil says: Huge huge huge edit for Depeche Mode from no other than true to form Ricardo Villalobos. Truly good. Buy on sight. Highly limited.

Dancing Egg

Just Don't Understand

Mystery white label imprint launches with a single-sided 12" that blends familiar UK garage samples along with rolling tech house beats. Get those elbows out pop pickers as this is some hi-nrg, upfront business, virgin on bassline with its full throttle, shoulder-dropped garage beats and definitely tipping its hat to the Niche / bassline scene of the Yorkshire in the noughties. "Dancing Egg"'s gonna sound mega firing outta the speaker stacks at your local dance OR outta that Samsung Galaxy ont top deck of the 85 come the end of school. I think it's mega.


Matt says: Missing something in your life since the demise of bassline? This naughty little tickler should more than suffice.

Mega white label business here as Bobby Konders seminal tracks "The Poem" & "Nervous Acid" as bolstered with three other doozies from the producers impressive catalogue. The very epitome of deep house, "The Poem" pairs a steady but devastating bassline to a glorious palette of instrumentation - flutes, pads, strings and keys all joining in harmony to create a sublime piece of deep house heaven. Both the original and dub version are included here and both are mind blowing - a high point of house music history and reason enough to buy this 12" alone. Keep paying attention though as "Nervous Acid", another anthem from Konder's vaults sees off the A-side in rabid, rave gremlin acid mode bursting with sherm-stick fuelled acid, a proto-house rhythmic foundation and yet another impeccable B-line from Bobby. Fuck me I'd forgot how good this sounds! Onto side B and "Let There Be House" keeps us in the jacking zone while "Massai Woman" dishes out some truly mesmerizing late night, smoked out haus. Completing the pack is the tribal chant meets nagging acid of "Dub Massai Style" a brilliantly dark voodoo workout with vintage drums, tb-303 and expertly placed vocal chanting. Six belters from Bobby Konders all on one twelve and sounding ace! You need this!


TGNTL - Alessandro Adriani Remix

Upfront single sided white label release of this edit / rework of a true underground nugget (Lata Ramasar's "The Greatest Name That Lives') - courtesy of Mannequin Record's Alessandro Adriani. Did you like the Vin Sol edit of Sade? What about the Ilo edit of New Musik's "Warp"? Then this should definitely be up your strasse. Currently doing damage at day-night long bunker raves in Belgium and Germany, this is the highly narcotic, tension-fuelled side of the techno / house cannon that causes people to truly lose their shit out in the field. A rampant snare line that'd make Plastikman jealous, fizzing leads and voodoo banshee vox. Made with pitch black club in mind, this is one of those secret weapons you'll find all the best players drawing out of their arsenal late, late, late on into the session. Mind-bending tackle - recommended. 


Patrick says: Now with a bonus B-side mix of Lata's other Indian electrowave heater 'Hiway Xpress', this white labelled bomb from Mannequin man Alessandro Adriani is likely to fly just as fast as the first pressing. Going...going...


Pleasuredome - Soul Mekanik Remix

This remix came about as when Danny (Mekanik) and Kelvin (Andrews) were working in SARM studios with Trevor Horn on the most recent Robbie Williams album. By coincidence the management there were working on a Frankie Goes to Hollywood 'Best of’ and were commissioning remixes. Being fans (who isn’t?), Danny and Kelvin got right on it and made this very subtle rework of "Welcome To The Pleasuredome". Mainly following the original version’s structure and instrumentation, the changes are in the detail of the arrangement and a very deftly added dose of ‘oomph’ (technical term), turning a seminal record into a surefire dancefloor bomb. People go bonkers when this is played out - after all, everyone loves a bit of 80s don't they.

Their remix ended up being finished a bit late (what with them being in the middle of working on Robbie’s album) and not getting delivered on time, but, it is kind of brilliant. It’s a shame to keep it locked up, so here's a crafty white label version for all us vinyl junkies.

On this hard-to-find second collection of exclusive Madlib reconstructions, it's funk all the way inna synth heavy George Clinton / Rick James / Zapp style. The rare 1977 – 1982 jazz and disco-funk vinyl haul he lifted from a fellow LA producer's bedroom one morning provided the inspiration to fashion a perfect G'd-up backdrop to a roster of grimey acapellas from New York MCs such as Nas, Redman, Raekwon, Inspectah Deck, Pete Rock and Jadakiss, and for good measure there's some fresh versification from MF Doom to keep all gang-related mofos on the bounce.

Ebony & Ivory

Blow Dem Away / Fraud

Two nice young men dropped into the shop over the weekend with their UK garage (or whatever we're calling it these days!) white label, which I present to you here. Both sides feature rough digital beats with fat bassline punches, topped off by strong MCing by Ivory. Not to be confused with Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder!

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