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The Bottle / Love Is The Respect

The mysterious Respect label lands in store again with two stone cold, all time classics, from two undisputed legends, re-edited, extended and repurposed for the modern dancefloor. 

On the A-side, Gil's heartbreaking and ultra funky "The Bottle" makes friends with a wonderfully syncopated house rhythm, imbued with extra bassweight and some well thought out loops for peak time club deployment. On the B-side we're in mash up territories as Aretha's empowerment anthem "RESPECT" acquaints itself with Chi Lites "My First Mistake" (I think, it's early and I haven't had my coffee yet) with spectacular results.


A1. The Bottle
B1. Love Is The Respect

Ebony & Ivory

Blow Dem Away / Fraud

    Two nice young men dropped into the shop over the weekend with their UK garage (or whatever we're calling it these days!) white label, which I present to you here. Both sides feature rough digital beats with fat bassline punches, topped off by strong MCing by Ivory. Not to be confused with Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder!

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