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Stadium house poster boys Adelphi Music Factory return with another massive, mass-uniting big room cut for the festivals and arena gigs that never were in 2020. Turning to the spine-tingling endorphin rushes of hardcore breaks and rave, "My People" is the act's ode to humanity in the grip of crisis; a joyous, arms-aloft tribute to enduring love for the empty dancefloor across the globe. Hang on in their folks, we WILL dance again!


says: Adelphi return to blow your chakras clean outta the top of yer head with possibly the Largest (thanks Pete Tong) release to grace our house section this year. Yes, I know it's technically RAVE but that's where it lives!

Ron's back at it again with three more expertly sliced cuts of primo, top shelf edit fodder. A moreishness that'll have you dippin back in time and time again, with hints of disco, house and funk working up the senses sprinkled with a touch of soul-infused beats. Originals are escaping me this afternoon I'm afraid, but top marks have gotta go to Ron for keeping the source material pretty fresh and previously under-appreciated. Best track for me is "The City" which sounds like something Peven Everett and Bobby Konders could knock up if they were to collaborate together. Mega this, don't sleep!


says: Sweet n sexy edits for the non existent dancefloors. Better jazz up your livestreams asap with this tasty trio of tunes from Ron.

Club Winston

Slump / DKD / Toddler

Club Winston aka UK George, co-boss of London party outfit Bubble Chamber (, debuts with three chubby club tracks of sludgy acid, squeaky emo & inverted UK funky.

The pedigree is high as the skilled technician exhibits a highly functional, reductionist aesthetic heavy on sub frequencies and skeletal rhythms and tailor made to tickle n tweak the soundsystem in the freshest way possible.

Rude boy biznis, don't sleep...


says: Fresh-as-u-like tech-break-bass hybrids here from a specialist soundsystem technician. If you're enjoying the Logic1000 12" then this baby should tickly your sub-woofing fancy also.

Ebony & Ivory

Blow Dem Away / Fraud

Two nice young men dropped into the shop over the weekend with their UK garage (or whatever we're calling it these days!) white label, which I present to you here. Both sides feature rough digital beats with fat bassline punches, topped off by strong MCing by Ivory. Not to be confused with Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder!

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