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The first Where To Now drop of 2019
Fans of Lee Gamble, Tomoko Sauvage, Mark Fell, RKSS, Holly Herndon, Christian Marclay take note here and dive in. 

Myriam Bleau is a composer, digital artist and performer based in Montreal. She creates audiovisual systems that go beyond the screen, such as sound installations and performance-specific musical interfaces. Her hybrid electronic practice explores music performance as a codified cultural manifestation and recontextualizes pop culture elements and music history tropes. For ‘Lumens & Profits’ Myriam has exported this ethos towards pure sound design, deconstructing a palette of familiar musical forms into 8 pieces of wandering, weightless movements; where Vocal samples and percussive rushes launch themselves from empty space, repeatedly shattering any vibe you were about to ease yourself into. Rhythms scatter, violently collapse, and pick themselves up again grinning with hands aloft, sprinting towards the light.

This is the sound of an artist who clearly has a deep interest in modern tropes of UK bass music and contempory electronic composition, but due to Myriam’s historical grounding as a tactile, experimental audio visual artist these genres become uniquely filtered through a performative, Musique Concrete focused lens. In this sense the pieces end up as somewhat hybrids, absorbing Myriam’s rich performance based musical history and sweeping into the mix the outer corners of avant garde 80’s sampler experiments, Hip-Hop Turntablism, and classical elements. With ‘Lumens & Profits’ Myriam has managed to create something which sounds distinctly fresh in approach, whilst managing to playfully & respectfully nod towards a tidal wave of cultural movements.

‘Lumens & Profits’ is heavily influenced by Myriam’s own ‘Musical Spinning Top’ A/V performance ‘Soft Revolvers’ (viewing a section of the spellbinding performance does the piece far greater justice than I could ever try to clumsily put into words - Whilst inspiration was gleamed from the performance Myriam is keen to separate the two projects, explaining - “While composing these pieces, I was very occupied by the idea of modulated speed or tempo that came from my spinning top performance. Seeing instruments on different tempos that fluctuate rather than run on different strict patterns. I tried to imagine freely moving instrumental lines that only momentarily align, rather than a grid or tempo that would control all the elements. A lot of the pieces rely on algorithmic arpeggiation (custom max patches), as a way to create processes that control the speed and timbral width of sounds dynamically.”



    Where To Now is a cassette label from Brighton. Their second release comes from PDP aka Paul Layzell. PDP is primarily an illustrator and animator, having recently completed videos for Crystal Antlers and Mazes... Turns out he's an absolute fiend when it comes to making music too - this music just had to be released! The tape is all over the place in the best possible way, veering from classic boom bap jams, to Dam-Funk esque boogie synth joints, to all out acid disco-house anthems.


    Cassette Info: Limited pressing 50 tapes only! Comes in clear cassette box with on-body printing, plus three colour, double sided Risograph printed sleeve on recycled cartridge for extra niceness. Each cassette comes with a bonus download code for high quality unmixed MP3s.

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