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    Where To Now is a cassette label from Brighton. Their second release comes from PDP aka Paul Layzell. PDP is primarily an illustrator and animator, having recently completed videos for Crystal Antlers and Mazes... Turns out he's an absolute fiend when it comes to making music too - this music just had to be released! The tape is all over the place in the best possible way, veering from classic boom bap jams, to Dam-Funk esque boogie synth joints, to all out acid disco-house anthems.


    Cassette Info: Limited pressing 50 tapes only! Comes in clear cassette box with on-body printing, plus three colour, double sided Risograph printed sleeve on recycled cartridge for extra niceness. Each cassette comes with a bonus download code for high quality unmixed MP3s.

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    82 NEW ITEMS

    In other news we are now on @mixcloud and in the coming weeks we’ll be bringing you staff mixes and Friends of Picc…
    Mon 25th - 11:04
    Happy Bank Holiday Monday everyone. A lot of you have been sharing pictures of the records you’ve received in the p…
    Mon 25th - 10:28
    Sunday Classics. The Fall, @WireHQ 13th Floor Elevators and @theblackryder
    Sun 24th - 2:24
    They look exactly like the deliveries you want to receive from the postman on a Saturday. Thanks for ordering and s…
    Sat 23rd - 5:57
    The shutters might still be shut until 🤷‍♂️ but the orders online have been coming in thick and fast this week. Hea…
    Fri 22nd - 5:13
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