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Royal Headache

Royal Headache - 2023 Reissue

    Royal Headache rose out of the bleak underground punk scene of Western Sydney in 2008. In part of response to the gloomy post punk bands happening at the time of its founding.


    1. Never Again
    2. Really In Love
    3. Surprise
    4. Psychotic Episode
    5. Girls
    6. Two Kinds Of Love
    7. Back And Forth
    8. Down The Lane
    9. Distant And Vague
    10. Wilson Street
    11. Honey Joy
    12. Pity

    Parquet Courts

    Light Up Gold / Tally All The Things That You Broke

      Expanded version of ‘Light Up Gold’, including a bonus disc featuring a brand new 5 track EP (which is also available to buy a standalone mini album).

      Aside from the brief B side burst of ‘Smart Aleck Kid’, people haven’t heard new ‘properly recorded’ songs from the boys in Parquet Courts since their critically acclaimed album ‘Light Up Gold’ - a surefire year-end Best Of… list staple. The What’s Your Rupture? label are pleased to announce the first taste of the band’s new music, a mini album entitled ‘Tally All The Things That You Broke’.

      This new record is far more than a stopgap in between full lengths; it’s the sound of Parquet Courts stretching out.


      ‘Light Up Gold’
      Master Of My Craft
      Borrowed Time
      Donuts Only
      Yr No Stoner
      Yonder Is Closer To The Heart
      Careers In Combat
      Light Up Gold I
      Light Up Gold II
      N Dakota
      Stoned And Starving
      No Ideas
      Caster Of Worthless Spells
      Disney P.T.
      Tears O Plenty
      Picture Of Health

      ‘Tally All The Things That You Broke’
      You’ve Got Me Wonderin’ Now
      Descend (The Way)
      The More It Works
      Fall On Yr Face
      He’s Seeing Paths


      Formed from the ashes of bands such as Fergus & Geronimo and Teenage Cool Kids, Parquet Courts are a glorious encapsulation of everything NYC punk should be; a frenzied and frantic ramraid on the history of garage rock but with more whip smart intelligence, cutting humour and – crucial to the band – emotional honesty than most other bands muster.

      Parquet Courts initially released their debut LP “Light Up Gold” on their own label Dull Tools, but the resultant buzz and excitement (with the tastemaking likes of Spin, Pitchfork, Village Voice and many others joining the ranks of the converted) has seen the album get an official release in the US in January and in the UK. From start to finish, this is a full throttle experience which you have no choice but to dive in to headfirst, with ridiculously infectious melodies and propulsive guitars which grab you as Brown and Savage (with assist from Max Savage and Sean Yeaton) spin their short, sharp tales of quarter-life ennui (“Borrowed Time”), weed-induced inertia (“Stoned and Starving”) and job anxiety (“Careers in Combat”) with concise, laserlike precision.


      1. Master Of My Craft
      2. Borrowed Time
      3. Donuts Only
      4. Yr No Stoner
      5. Yonder Is Closer To The Heart
      6. Careers In Combat
      7. Light Up Gold I
      8. Light Up Gold II
      9. N Dakota
      10. Stoned And Starving
      11. No Ideas
      12. Caster Of Worthless Spells
      13. Disney P.T
      14. Tears O Plenty
      15. Picture Of Health

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