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Mainstream Funk - Funk, Soul, Spritual Jazz 1971-75 Produced By Bob Shad's Mainstream Records

    Wewantsounds continues its collaboration with Bob Shad's venerable jazz label Mainstream Records, and present a selection of 12 turntable friendly tracks recorded between 1971 and 1975 and showcasing the label's superb blend of Spiritual Jazz, Funk and Soul by the likes of Buddy Terry, Sarah Vaughan, LaMont Johnson and Johnny Coles

    Most of the tracks are released on vinyl for the first time since their original release in the early 70s. The 2-LP set comes with gatefold sleeve featuring neverseen photos from the Mainstream vaults and new liner notes by UK journalist Paul Bowler.Mainstream Records is one of the key independent jazz labels of the early 70s, together with Flying Dutchman, Strata East, CTI and Black Jazz. Founded by legendary label man Bob Shad (who had been head of A&R at Mercury Records and set EmArcy in the 50s), the label concentrated on Psychedelia in the 60s before switching back to Shad's jazz roots in the early 70s, signing a new crop of jazzmen fed on John Coltrane and Miles' electric experiments. Thus was born the cult Mainstream "300 series" with its distinctive artwork and outstanding music from which this selection is largely drawn.

    Giving a chance to many young jazz players and a few old friends, Shad recorded some of the most exciting jazz of the early 70s, mixing spiritual influences with funk and soul. Mainstream Records has a lot more exciting music in the vaults and 'Mainstream Funk' is just the tip of the iceberg serving as a timely reminder that Bob Shad's taste as a producer and A&R man was one of the finest on the scene.


    Sarah Vaughan - Inner City Blues
    Buddy Terry - Quiet Afternoon
    Blue Mitchell - Last Tango In Paris
    LaMont Johnson - M'Bassa
    Prophecy - Betcha Can't Guess My Sign
    Dave Hubbard - Family Affair
    Sugar Billy - Super Duper Love Pt. 1
    John White - Right Off
    Mike Longo - Matrix
    Barry Miles - Little Heart Of Pieces
    Johnny Coles - Betty's Bossa
    Pete Yellin - It's The Right Thing

    Various Artists

    Tokyo Glow: Japanese City Pop, Funk & Boogie Selected By DJ Notoya

      The selection on ‘Tokyo Glow’ starts with 'Kimugare' a relaxed mid-tempo track by Kumi Nakamura, actually a famous actress who only recorded one album in 1980 for Columbia. The set continues and flows effortlessly with the sunshine grooves of Miyuki Maki, Hatsumi Shibata and cult keyboard player Hiroshi Sato before the pace starts going faster and funkier with New Generation Company, Kengo Kurozumi - with his superb boogie, 'Juggler' - and one of the queens of the genre, Hitomi 'Penny' Tohyama with 'Tuxedo Connection'. Another fine example on the set is the mid-tempo groove of "I Wander All Alone Part III" by New Generation Company, an aggregate group of some of the best Japanese session musicians led by arranger Katz Hoshi and including Hiroyuki Namba (key), Kazuo Shiina (gtr) and Yutaka Uehara (ds) who all played with Tatsuro Yamashita among many others.

      There are many other excellent examples in 'Tokyo Glow', showcasing the diversity and specificity of Japanese City Pop during the late 70s and 80s.

      Nippon Columbia opened their much-guarded vaults to curator DJ Natoya. Tracks were remastered in Tokyo and the result, ‘Tokyo Glow’, is a unique insight into a most creative period in Japanese music.


      LP 1:
      1. Kumi Nakamura - Kimagure
      2. Miyuki Maki - Indo No Michibata
      3. Haruyoshi Yamashina - Osake To Joke
      4. Sumiko Yamagata - Natsu No Hikari Ni
      5. Hatsumi Shibata - Party Is Over
      6. Makoto Iwabuchi - Moonlight Flight
      7. Hiroshi Sato - Saigo No Tejina
      8. Arakawa Band - Paradise’s Dream
      9. New Generation Company - I Wander All Alone (Part III)

      LP 2:

      1. Kiyohiko Ozaki - Ojosan Oteyawarakani
      2. Kengo Kurozumi - Juggler
      3. Ken Nishizaki - Koi No Paradigm
      4. Jadoes - Simply Another Love
      5. Midori Hara - Aamar Jabar
      6. Hitomi 'Penny' Tohyama - Tuxedo Connection
      7. Mizuki Koyama - Oh! Daddy
      8. Haruo Chikada & Vibra-Tones - Sofa Bed Blues
      9. Mitsuko Horie - Chigasaki Memory

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