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Decksanddrums Androckandroll - 20th Anniversary Edition

20 years ago Propellerheads released "Decksandrumsandrockandroll" - the only ever album from the band! Stuffed with hit singles "Spybreak!" "Bang On!", "Take California" and the extraordinary "History Repeating" timeless featuring the only true James Bond songstress - Shirley Bassey. 

As said at the time, "Decksanddrumsandrockandroll" is something very special. Funky music and a little crazy, it’s music for good and bad times, for those dirty moments when drugs are no longer effective but the party refuses to stop. An effective groove filled with hints of humour and a little kitsch. It sat beautifully next to fellow breakbeaters Fatboy Slim, Midfield General, Jacques Lu Cont and Mint Royal.  20 years later Propellerheads are now back with this reissue. The charm has remained intact and it stands the rest of time. A living room classic, brought to life once again!

"The Hawk Is Howling", their sixth album, sees Mogwai return to a totally instrumental landscape, with many songs coming in at around the eight minute mark. A brooding and atmospheric collection, full of the band's exceptional use of dynamics and creation of hypnotic soundscapes, "The Hawk Is Howling" is, however, partly more reflective than previous releases, perhaps sharing more in common with 2001's "Rock Action". Instrumentally the band have somewhat branched out, utilising light synthesizers on tracks such as "The Sun Smells Too Loud". The album was recorded with Andy Miller at Chemikal Underground and mixed by Gareth Jones at Castle Of Doom. It's the first time the band have recorded with Andy Miller since they worked with him on their debut "Young Team". Artwork for the album is designed by Aidan Moffat.


2xLtd CD/DVD Info: Limited edition CD/DVD. The DVD features 'Adelia, I Want To Love:' - a film about Mogwai by Vincent Moon and the "Bat Cat" videos 1+2.

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Glad you could make it in and well done on getting that one ⚡️
Sun 20th - 9:22
Amazing news guys. Congratulations 🙌
Sun 20th - 2:29
Sunday Classics. @MassiveAttackUK @boctransmission @FourTet from 2017 which is back in stock, and this gorgeous gol…
Sun 20th - 1:13
Take a walk on the Piccadilly Records side. Open until 5pm. See you soon. #SundayService
Sun 20th - 11:26
💖 Looking great 👌 Thanks for sharing 🙌
Sat 19th - 9:32
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