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This man is unstoppable, Retromigration with all the hits and more - lining up another juicy slice of genius from the depths of Dam for wewillalwaysbealovesong. Showcasing his clear love cross genres, ‘Secret Of A Pimp’ has it all, from dusty jazz samples to R&B licks and delectable basslines, all MPC crunched for good measure. Jimpster then steps up with a darker, club focused, heads down remix.

On the B, ‘Flying Lotus’ hits, an endorphin inducing jazzed up, summertime house heater, before Franc Spangler takes things down slow, with sultry hazed out downtempo trip.


A1. Secret Of A Pimp
A2. Secret Of A Pimp (Jimpster Remix)
B1. Flying Lotus
B2. Flying Lotus - (Franc Spangler Remix)

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