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    Neil Young

    Songs For Judy

      Neil Young announced his plan to release Songs for Judy, a live album drawn from his November 1976 U.S. tour. The 22-song LP includes solo acoustic performances of all-time classics like “Heart of Gold,” “After the Gold Rush” and “The Needle and the Damage Done,” along with a number of rarer selections, including one song, “No One Seems to Know,” that has not appeared on any previous official release.

      Young spent the majority of 1976 on the road with Crazy Horse or on the ill-fated Stills-Young Band tour, which he famously dropped out of midway through that summer. He also found time to make Hitchhiker, the lost solo acoustic studio album that he recorded in August 1976 — three months before the shows documented on Songs for Judy — but kept in the vault until last fall. At the November 1976 shows featured on Songs for Judy, Young performed a solo acoustic opening set before returning to the stage for a harder-rocking performance with Crazy Horse. These shows have been widely praised and discussed by Young fans for years, but this is their first official release.


      “Songs For Judy Intro” – Atlanta, GA – Nov 24 (late Show)
      “Too Far Gone” – Boulder, Colorado – Nov 06
      “No One Seems To Know” – Boulder, Colorado – Nov 07
      “Heart Of Gold” – Fort Worth, Texas – Nov 10
      “White Line” – Fort Worth, Texas – Nov 10
      “Love Is A Rose” – Houston – Nov 11
      “After The Gold Rush” – Houston – Nov 11
      “Human Highway” – Madison, Wisconsin – Nov 14
      “Tell Me Why” – Chicago – Nov 15 (late Show)
      “Mr. Soul” – New York – Nov 20 (early Show)
      “Mellow My Mind” – New York – Nov 20 (early Show)
      “Give Me Strength” – New York – Nov 20 (late Show)
      “A Man Needs A Maid” – New York – Nov 20 (late Show)
      “Roll Another Number” – Boston – Nov 22 (late Show)
      “Journey Through The Past” – Boston – Nov 22 (late Show)
      “Harvest” – Boston – Nov 22 (late Show)
      “Campaigner” – Boston – Nov 22 (late Show)
      “Old Laughing Lady” – Atlanta – Nov 24 (early Show)
      “The Losing End” – Atlanta – Nov 24 (late Show)
      “Here We Are In The Years” – Atlanta – Nov 24 (late Show)
      “The Needle And The Damage Done” – Atlanta – Nov 24 (early Show)
      “Pocahontas” – Atlanta – Nov 24 (late Show)
      “Sugar Mountain” – Atlanta – Nov 24 (late Show)

      Lianne La Havas


        ‘Blood’ is an album that was inspired by Lianne’s family heritage, which is part Jamaican and part Greek. Once touring for her debut album came to a close, she headed to Jamaica with her mother for a holiday which evolved into an experience of self-discovery. Lianne enjoyed emotional reunions with long-lost relatives; embraced Kingston’s clubs; and even jammed in front of her family for the first time during a session with legendary dancehall / reggae producer Stephen McGregor. Discovering her heritage inspired Lianne to reflect on the connections between now and then, which in turn sparked the songs which would become her future. Simply, “everything seemed to have a lot more clarity, and I really wanted to speak about it.” Lyrically, the songs that feature on the album are almost all related to “the feeling of who you are and where you come from.” Sonically, ‘Blood’ is a collection that shakes, shimmies and swings with Jamaican grooves with Lianne taking inspiration from the nation’s love of grooves, rhythms and syncopation. In addition to Stephen McGregor, ‘Blood’ features a rich collection of collaborators. Produced by Adele / FKA twigs collaborator Paul Epworth and founded upon an instrumental recording by Ninja Tune trio The Invisible, the first single ‘Unstoppable’ is a song that Lianne wrote to help to repair a relationship that she had ended.

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