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Broken Arrows are Sudeep Menon & Bill Ambrose, both long time affiliates of Magic Waves radio and Cyber Dance records. Here they don 4 new tracks for the Vivod imprint making up their second ep. A slight departure in style from their first outing on Giallo Disco a couple of years ago, these tracks still have that unique mechanic box jam sound they are becoming known for. Female Predator kicks things off in a techno fashion. Charging drums lead the way with a cool throbbing bassline. Fear Eats the Soul is more of an instrumental 80s wave track with its laid back pads and structure looping away with ease. Title track Edge of Darkness is the stand out track on this ep and won't fail to hypnotize. Meandering pads in a cosmische style with rock solid drums , simply awesome. Basic Structures finishes the ep off and this is more towards their jamming style from their previous ep, more aggressive, blistering hats, slamming kicks et. Great ep again from Broken Arrows !

Kicking off Vivod's new 'Pheasant' series (!!!) and making their debut on the label, UNI.OMNI are a Glaswegian duo comprising of MWX and Wave Energy Converter. Inspired by feelings of duality and the unpredictability of our dynamic world, UNI.OMNI respond with challenging dark electronic notes, driven vocals and expansive percussive backdrops. Their tracks emit contradictory feelings of chaos and calm, motion and stillness, frustration and excitement, whilst using the energy and turmoil of big city life as motivation for their first EP. "Acceptance Resistance" kicks things off with an experimental, cavernous foray that shifts to the rhythmic, subliminal undertones of "Metaphysical Lives". Both "Sequential Self" and "Viral Dread" are attuned to empowerment, exacerbated by the strains of the modern world, with strong vocals reiterating the need for resilience in the forgotten generation. As usual, uncompromising and empowering stuff from the Vivod label - techno punks, neo-industrialists, interstellar fugitives and free-party mavericks need only apply.

Alessandro Parisi

Belmont's Revenge - Inc. Mick Wills Remix)

Closing the Vivod's 'Map' series is Alessandro Parisi with this stunning EP. "Belmont's Revenge" contains three tracks of slow but quite epic synth-based tracks. "Crossfire" kicks things off nicely with its pulsating synthlines supplemented by solid retro drums. "Ravens" follows suit with slow, brooding synthwork, emphasizing the cinematic qualities of Parisi's work. Flip over for a remix of "Sages" by the mighty Mick Wills who skillfully constructs a seismic wall of juddering technoid thrust. It builds and builds, perfect for getting lost in the fog and strobe. Finally, we get original version from Parisi, a much slower, majestic, cathedral horror affair. Awesome stuff all round and stylistically on point throughout.

German producer Martin Matiske has been sporadic in his appearances dating back to 2002, but when he releases a record he makes it count. Following previous turns on International Deejay Gigolo and Stilleben, he now brings his fulsome electro sound to Vivod sounding fresher than ever. "Die Nibelungen" draws on a fine tradition of German electronica while using that mechanical melancholy you might find in a Bochum Welt track. "Bayerischer Wald" is a cheery synth-pop celebration, and "Virtuosic Mechanic" is a more snappy club track with plenty of Bunker-friendly darkness packed into its bones. "Kammermusik" cools things down with a lovely meander through plaintive bleep lines and plastic synth leads.

William Bendix / Lewis J Force

William Bendix Vs Lewis J Force EP - Inc. Lucky Koi / Parasols Remix

Vivod welcomes slither-screen stars Lewis J. Force and William Bendix to the fold with additional work put in from Parasols and Lucky Koi. Bendix kicks off with the Detroit style disco-tek of "Dallas". Squelchy, chopped loops that somehow buzz with a disco flavour, think Sound Stream mixed with James Cotton and you're halfway there. "Centurion" is an unusual beast, with a big hook twisted into mayhem inducing riffage, supplemented with mechanical beat and juicy bass part. Lucky Koi sets to work on "Dallas" before the close of play on side A. Keeping that twisted flavour intact but somehow imparting his or her personality onto the master stems. Futuristic as Charlie Brooker trolling Philip K Dick on Snapchat (that's not actually that futuristic - ed). Flip and it's the turn for Lewis J Force who goes on a mad Poindextor rampage with "Folkestone Nightclub" - apparently a scathing tribute to the (lack of) nightlife around the Folkestone Riveira. That's a shame as I'd love to hear this banging out as the sun rises over the ocean at the end of yet another session down Kent way.... Anyway, Parasols also gets jilted and shuffled by the crazed shuffle setting on the track, turning up the aggression settings as we go spiraling into the nearest speaker stacks after one too many gary's and possibly a bump of K. Not that I was ever advocate such antics out in the field.


Matt says: More totally twisted machine music on Vivod, this time from the dirty minds of William Bendix & Lewis J Force. Highly recommended!

Ali Renault's label Vivod continues its hot streak with this release from Portuguese maestro Photonz. A four tracker of dark analogue house / techno, the EP opens with 'Child's Play'. A solid heads-down driver with a hefty kick, twangling eastern (synth) strings and growling acid gurgles. 'False Prophet' is a Saturday night techno banger with a crazy squrewave synth line, fluttering acid blips, dial-up noise and percussion to rattle your bones. 'My Orion' ups the pace to 1990s progressive house tempo, entwining emotive synths with an elastic acid bounce. 'Mydriasis' gets in a funky tech groove and then goes to town on the efx unit. A killer twelve in beautiful packaging featuring a full screen-printed sleeve.

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