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By 1960 Coltrane had recorded many sessions as a sideman for Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Sonny Rollins, Kenny Burrell, and Tadd Dameron, among others. He had also taped quartet albums, some of which were issued under his own name while others were released under the name of pianist Red Garland. His next release as a leader, “Giant Steps”, was the confirmation of Coltrane’s importance in the jazz scene. There, for the first time, all of the tunes were his, and his personal style appeared completely developed. Coltrane Jazz was the next album to hit the shelves after “Giant Steps” and marked the transition from his experimental groups to his final classic quartet. Trane then recorded the music to be issued on “The Avant Garde” (with Don Cherry), “Coltrane’s Sound” and the all-time classic “My Favorite Things”, and after that he embarked on the making of “Coltrane Plays the Blues”, a thematic LP consisting of six tunes based on the blues. “Blues for Bechet”, one of the two pieces on this album on which Trane plays the soprano sax, is obviously dedicated to the jazzman who brought this instrument to jazz, Sidney Bechet. Pianist McCoy Tyner sits out on “Blues to Bechet” and both takes of “Blues to You”, reducing the band to a trio on those tracks.


LP Info: Limited Collectors’ Edition .

13th Floor Elevators

Rockius Of Levitatum

    To fully understand and appreciate a band like the 13th Floor Elevators, one had to see them play live, preferably more than once—the reason being that no two Elevators shows were ever alike, ranging from brilliantly euphoric to unbelievably catastrophic. Of course, the unevenness of their performances was due to one small but powerful thing called LSD…which the band took in copious amounts prior to each show (often charitably passing it out to members of the audience as well). For the Elevators this was a way of life…for which they (particularly lead singer and guitarist Roky Erickson) would notoriously soon pay. This collection of live tracks gives those of us who weren’t there during those halcyon days of psychedelia, a taste of just what lofty heights (and hellish depths) the Elevators were capable of reaching. The performances are taken from three sources: “Roller Coaster”, “You’re Gonna Miss Me” and “Tried to Hide” from a rockin’ appearance on a local Dallas / Ft. Worth television show in the spring of 1966, “Don’t Fall Down”, “Kingdom Of Heaven”, “She Lives In A Time of Her Own” and “I’ve Got Levitation” from a notoriously shambolic gig in Houston in 1967, and the remaining eight tracks from a series of stellar performances at San Francisco’s Avalon Ballroom in autumn of 1966.

    Roky Erickson

    The Holiday Inn Tapes

      On December 1, 1986 Patrick Mathè from the French label, New Rose, met Roky at the Holiday Inn in Austin, TX to record the first ten tracks on this album. Due to the fact that these tracks were recorded in a hotel room, the sound quality is not superb, but still very acceptable. The thing that is superb about this album, however, is the fact that listeners get a chance to hear Roky alone in an extremely intimate setting with his acoustic guitar, playing his own material and two inspired covers by fellow Texan musical genius, Buddy Holly. The final four tracks on the album are taken from the rare and demon-ridden 1977 Sponge Records EP, recorded shortly after Roky was released from a mental institution.


      Ltd LP Info: 180 gram virgin vinyl.

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