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Ripple Effect

    Fluxion's Ripple Effect is the film score for a non-existing motion picture. This 9-track album is the result of experimentation and the combination of the producer's two most cherished art forms: electronic music and score music.

    Ironically the two worlds rarely seem to meet, despite the fact that score music has adopted a looser form in order to better adapt to film accompaniment, bringing it closer to electronic music which attempts to contradict form or shed it altogether. Fluxion felt the need to bring these two musical forms into dialogue with each other, lending structure to electronic and deconstructing score music to create a malleable and expressive hybrid.
    The album's production took two years from its original conception for the subliminal story to unfold into the completed product. Fluxion wanted to say as much as possible through the music, leaving the visuals as a blank canvas for the listener to create their own story. In the end, the goal is to give each member of the audience a unique audiovisual experience based on their own perception and interpretation.

    Deepchord & Fluxion Present Transformations

    Bonafide EP

    Following an initial release from Transformations, the collaboration between Deepchord & Fluxion continues with the "Bona Fide EP". As two stalwarts of the dub techno cannon, expectations are high amongst the community; lucky the Detroit>>>Greece partnership comes through strong, with a wide-eyed, cinematic experience encapsulating the release. There's echoes of both these iconic producer's facets and traits littered throughout the two cuts, but the sound is definitely different to anything they've done before. Organic, 'woody' (if that makes sense), it's like walking into a room full of rich oak paneling with a log fire burning as a cold winter shivers away outside. Comforting and stimulating in equal measure and decidedly more tailored towards home listening and healing environments, this is a beautifully conceived project by these two luminaries. Fully recommended! 



    New LP on Chain Reaction offshoot Vibrant Music. Silex is another project by Fluxion's K Soublis, and it's an hour's worth of flowing dub and glitch electronica. Very atmospheric.

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