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Jackie-O Motherfucker

America Mystica

"America Mystica" is a collection of four live recordings, made under varied circumstances, ranging from the quiet and comfortable setting of the WFMU -free form radio recording studio, to the live theatre environment at the Cube Cinema in Bristol England, where the group was recorded in concert performance. The line-up includes Montreal musicians Fluffy Erskine and David Bryant, as well as long time JOMF members T. Greenwood and Brooke Crouser also appearing in these recordings are Jeff Mooridian, Adam Forkner, Honey Owens, Jessie Carrot, Theo Angell, Samara Lubelski, Josh Stevenson, Genevieve Delinger, Alexander Tucker and Andy Cvar, with live sound by Craig Bowen. The four compositions contained here, are all quite long, even by JOMF standards, the shortest piece being over 19 minutes long. Listening to this work requires some patience, but is richly rewarding, as each piece unfolds and delivers it's content in a way completely unique, and timeless. Raw blues, layered drones, and hypnotic percussion combine with pulsing micro-tones, turntable live/samples, bells, whispers, and jive talk, to create a poetic, trance-psych classic.

No Neck Blues Band

Letters From The Earth

One of the most enigmatic, mysterious, and defiantly anti-commercial groups to emerge from the New York loft scene during the 90s, the No-Neck Blues Band formed in 1992 around a consistent core of multi-instrumentalists who have stubbornly and admirably insist on individual anonymity. Incorporating elements of folk, drone, psychedelia, free jazz, noise, and just about everything else, NNCK have nevertheless carved out a distinctive sound from complementary and disparate component elements. "Letters From The Earth" was NNCK's first digital output and is a document of their first ever outdoor Orthodox Easter concert in 1996. This double CD outputs 111 or so minutes worth of this group's dizzying array of sonic blattage, cable disruption, tribal tranceadelics and trip or drone aesthetic.

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