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It was Vladimir Ivkovic who introduced me to the world of Rex Ilusivii. A world where the spirit of a genius holds sway. I remember spending an entire night at Vladimir's house in Germany, listening to all those recovered pieces, and feeling like I had entered another space-time.

Mitar tragically left us, one November night in 1999 in Brazil, leaving behind an extensive body of work consisting of more than 500 pieces, for the most part never released. Being submerged in such a unique universe, so singular, brought me happiness. It also filled me with hope, because I tell myself that today there must be many other outstanding musicians who produce in the shadow of the traditional circuit, just for the pleasure of making music.

Listening to the music of Mitar Subotić makes you part of his world. He did not stop producing from 1983 to 1999, in different styles, but with an instantly recognizable touch.His music also marries the evolution of recording techniques with new instruments that have appeared over this time, from the TR808 to the digital samplers. It took me more than two years to select the music for this record, as each time I listened to the material it revealed other details and other possibilities.

I am extremely happy and honored to present this record to you, in which I try to do justice to the different, "versatile" facets of Suba.


Etire En Avant / XXXX (Abel's Edit)

I have fairly high expectations when faced with a new Versatile release, but this latest 7" is the dog's bollocks, cat's flaps and leopard's pecker. Not only do we get a magnificent (not to mention ingenius) Balearic boogie winner from Red Light legend Abel, we also get an unreleased and largely unheard I:Cube cut from 1996. Holed up in his childhood bedroom at his parents' house, the young Parisian was putting his own twist on the then burgeoning French Touch scene, slapping sampler, EQ, drum machine and synth straight to tape. "Etire En Avant" is a syrupy slow jam which combines hypnotizing French aerobic lyrics over a filtered funk sample, perfect for a tantalising disco sleaze late night set. Totally lysergic and trippy as you'd like, this seems to have sat in the cooler until the world caught up. Over on the other side, we bask in the infinite wisdom of Amsterdam head Abel, who plucks "XXXX" off last year's "Oeil Cube E.P.", pitches it up from 33 to 45 and extends it into a lazy, hazy and hypnogogic groovy perfect for sunny afternoons and early doors DJ sets. While the original carved its own niche as a cinematic slice of slow motion funk, Abel's mix gives the DJ a proper boogie weapon.


Patrick says: I:Cube serves up the sweetest treat here, letting loose with an unreleased archive track from '96 (recommended listening for fans of Huerco S) and a majestic boogie flip from Music From Memory man Abel. You need this in your life and record box.

The man, the maestro, the mystery..... the Cube! That's right, you read that correctly, new music from the mind of one of Europe's freshest, and not just one record, but two. At the same time. Right here. Versatile's main man (alongside Monsieur Gilb'R) returns to the fray with a hotly anticipated set of forward thinking tracks that swerve the zeitgeist and fully live up to the hype. The sounds here are diverse, impeccably mixed, arranged and designed to rip your nearest club in two. Wasting no time on formalities, I:Cube takes aim directly at the peaktime with the lost world trance dance of opener "Flutes Souterraines", treating us to trippy flutes, shamanic percussion idents and a ceaseless rhythm in line with R&S favourite Techno Grooves. The acid indigestion inducing "Troglo Dance" follows hot ont its heels, hitting us with panning synth bleeps, tough percussion and all kind of eerie fx abuse. "Bifurque" offers a breather of sorts, heading deep with glacial electronic tones, steady percussion and a hypnotic square wave bassline before the rattling and rumbling "La Nuit Des Rats" offers an off-kilter cut of polyrhythmic club weaponry with plenty of bassweight. The cavernous bass-line creepings of "Ramurc" keep th energy high and the mood intimidating before the tripped out echoes of "Fractal P" send us home in hallucinatory style.


Patrick says: Undoubtedly on his own planet, Parisian house genius I:Cube drops a six track set of future primitive, tribal, tropical and trippy house heaters. One of the best in the game, doing it better than everyone else...

Jonathan Fitoussi & Clemens Hourriére

Espaces Timbrés

Three years on from their critically acclaimed album on Versatile, Jonathan Fitoussi and Clemens Hourrière are back with 'Espaces Timbrés' a brand new episode in their exploration of the legendary modular synthesizer - The Buchla. After 2 years of tireless work, ever pushing and furthering their musical research, Fitoussi and Hourrière reveal to us new territories, textures, sounds and feelings to explore with the help of the equally legendary I:Cube on mixing duties to add even more sonic reflections and mixing desk wizardry. This one's a hyper-jump into the future made possible through a machine from the past, giving birth to those most captivating of electronic mantras... dive in, the water's warm!


Barry says: Brilliant Buchla exploration on Versatile here from French duo Fitoussi and Hourriére - think Suzanne Cianni, François Bayle or Morton Subotnik and you're almost there!

Versatile come in hot on a remix tip here, serving the stems of Zombie Zombie LP cut "Hippocampe" to Dusseldorf drum king Jan Schulte and French house head Gilb'R. Adopting his Wolf Müller alias, Jan delivers two different mixes of the kosmische original, both predictably heavy on the percussion. On the A1, Jan's regular remix turns out Can-style drumming, a hefty B-boy vibe, and all manner of wiggy synth fx. Somewhere under all the lysergic goo there appear to be samples of Sylvia Striplin's " You Can't Turn Me Away", alongside a ring modulated sequence and the odd blast of garbled melody - heady stuff. On the B-side, Schulte's "Healthy Mix" hits us with a less intense breakbeat, allowing the mind expanding JMJ  style synth refrain to take centre stage. Pulsating sequences wrap their way around Jan's favoured jews harp and suddenly we're at a strangely crusty rave somewhere in the outer reaches of the galaxy. Never one to be bettered, Versatile boss Gilb'R ties the game with the minimalistic "Triangle Dub", a serious blend of subwise frequencies and sonar bleeps which gradually morphs into a ketty voyage into head-shredding sound design.


Matt says: More trypatmine-infused shamanic business from two market leaders of wacked out lysergia.

It's already been 5 years since the last Zombie Zombie album "Rituels d’un Nouveau Monde", after which the group explored other territories by signing 2 film scores, namely "Loubia Hamra" by Narimane Mari and "Irréprochable" by Sébastien Marnier, as well as creating the music accompanying a contemporary circus show called 'Slow Futur' created by Martin Palisse and Elsa Guérin. Wouldn't these beautiful parentheses make you want to return to the sources? After 10 years at Versatile Records, 2017 also marks the decade anniversary of the release of their first album 'A Land for Renegades' in 2007. "Livity" - Zombie Zombie's latest opus seems to plunge us deep into science fiction, with a cover designed by the mythic cartoonist Philippe Druillet, who is also the founder of the cult Métal Hurlant comic series. The title of the album is somewhat misleading, as one could mistakenly think of a certain dub record made at the famous Island Records Compass Point studio in the Bahamas. For the uninitiated 'Livity' or 'Life force' is actually a Rastafarian spiritual concept based on the idea that an energy exists within, and flows through, all people and all living things. The record was recorded last winter in Paris, in a very short time frame. 7 tracks played live in 7 days, by Etienne Jaumet (synthesizers / rhythm box / metallophone / sax), Cosmic Neman (drums / vocals / sound effects), and Dr. Schonberg (percussion / electronics / trumpet), recorded at the Red Bull Studios by Thibaut Javoy and Jerome Caron, 2 very competent engineers. To keep it in the family, the album was then mixed by another member of the Versatile stable, the mysterious and legendary DJ/producer I:Cube, done in the label's Victor Studio.
On this album the principles that are dear to the group rest being respected, still as far away as always from the standards of 'radio play', A living kind of music, composed of long instrumental moments recorded with analog synthesizers and drum machines, accompanied by drums and percussion. But I:Cube's touch may bring the unique energy that one may find at Zombie Zombie's concerts; on certain cuts like title track 'Livity' that the group recorded in Laos, a wild combination of 808 kick drums and bewitching jungle sounds that sound quite unlike anything else out there, and especially on 'Hippocampe', which gives the impression of hearing an old school hip hop rhythm with the power of a metal band who have replaced their guitars with an army of synthesizers: we recommend you listen to this particular track in a convertible while speeding down the highway.
As with all of Zombie Zombie's music the cinematic component is still strong, on titles like 'Ils existent..' 'Acera' which was originally composed for ciné-concerts accompanying the films of Jean Painlevé et Maurice Pialat. The energy of the beginning is still very present, as is - of course - the kraut inspiration. But it's also an album that takes new directions and sonic risks, like on “Looose”, which brings to mind the Art Ensemble of Chicago, or the groove of James Chance in New York in the early 1980's, featuring the free sax solos of Etienne Jaumet and Dr. Schonberg on the trumpet. The group also offers some slower and calmer titles, like 'Heavy Meditation' as well as exploring more experimental tracks in the line of French 70's groups such as Lard Free or Richard Pinhas, for example on the bonus track 'Black Moon'.
Please - Take your time, and enjoy listening!

I discovered Benoit B through his own label - Banlieue records. He’s part of a new breed of young French producers who make music without any hang-ups and that are inspired by the entire history of house and techno and everything in-between. I liked the combination of club beats with a deep, super melodic approach. The 6 tracks featured here almost make up an entire album that reflects Benoit’s skills and sense of production. Everything is here - from ambient experiments to heavyweight club tracks and beyond; all executed with genuine excitement and character. Here, bear witness to the new sound of France (even though he lives in Berlin!).

A few months ago France synth obsessives Zombie Zombie put out a four track LP originally composed to score a juggling related performance art piece (bloody Frenchies eh?). To the surprise of our Zombies, "Slow Futur" sold out in a matter of days, so they decided to give it a longer lease of life via this red hot remix disc. Opening the set in total darkness is Piccadilly favourite, Kriedler mainstay and Salon Des Amateurs co-founder Tolouse Low Trax. The Dusseldorf man follows up killer releases on Themes For Great Cities and Antinote with a slowly unfolding piece of machine voodoo. Weaving black magic through bleeping keys, African rhythms and industrial toughness, Detlef does his thing, locking us into a hypnotic, glue-sniffing groove from start to finish. Over the other side, I:Cube lends "Hyperspace" a lilting dub flavour via thick bass notes, system twisting fx and lush soundscapes. Fresher than a cool summer evening, this dubby synth redux should play very nicely with anything from the Peaking Lights corner of your collection. Lastly, the legendary Gilb'r provides a percussive reprise, retaining some of that wall shaking dub bass, but adding a whole load of polyrhythmia for a humid, tropical delight.


Patrick says: Three production heavyweights step up on a remix tip here, offering very different flips of Zombie Zombie's driving "Hyperspace". Tolouse Low Trax slows things right down for a mindbending exercise in machine voodoo, I:Cube gets deeply dubby and Gilb'r goes round the globe with a totally tropical take on matters.


12" Info: *one copy found!**

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