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Etienne Jaumet In Dub Part 2 - Inc. DJ Athome / Etienne Jaumet Remixes

After taking us on a trip through strange synths, spaced out soundscapes and jazz via his "8 Regard Obliques" LP, Etienne Jaumet has kicked of a dope dub odyssey with a pair of sick 7" remix discs. Here we have part two, picking up right where DJ Sotofett and I:Cube left off last time out. On the A-side DJ Athome (from the Belgian 'Front de Cadeaux') turns the jazz epic "Caravan" into a slow 90's breakbeat oddball, perfect for dropping in and around General PDC, Aki Aki and that mega Benoit B 7" from the last couple of weeks. Meanwhile on the flip, Jaumet himself revisits his own "Ma Révélation Mystique" in a more Reggae fashion, currently garnering maximum kudos from digi-dub doyen Kicking Pigeon.


Patrick says: Another gold star showing from Versatile here with the second 7" of remixes from Etienne Jaumet's killer LP. The man himself gets his digi-dub going on the B-side, but I'm all about the breakbeat / retro acid slap of DJ Athome's mix on the A-side.

A few months ago France synth obsessives Zombie Zombie put out a four track LP originally composed to score a juggling related performance art piece (bloody Frenchies eh?). To the surprise of our Zombies, "Slow Futur" sold out in a matter of days, so they decided to give it a longer lease of life via this red hot remix disc. Opening the set in total darkness is Piccadilly favourite, Kriedler mainstay and Salon Des Amateurs co-founder Tolouse Low Trax. The Dusseldorf man follows up killer releases on Themes For Great Cities and Antinote with a slowly unfolding piece of machine voodoo. Weaving black magic through bleeping keys, African rhythms and industrial toughness, Detlef does his thing, locking us into a hypnotic, glue-sniffing groove from start to finish. Over the other side, I:Cube lends "Hyperspace" a lilting dub flavour via thick bass notes, system twisting fx and lush soundscapes. Fresher than a cool summer evening, this dubby synth redux should play very nicely with anything from the Peaking Lights corner of your collection. Lastly, the legendary Gilb'r provides a percussive reprise, retaining some of that wall shaking dub bass, but adding a whole load of polyrhythmia for a humid, tropical delight.


Patrick says: Three production heavyweights step up on a remix tip here, offering very different flips of Zombie Zombie's driving "Hyperspace". Tolouse Low Trax slows things right down for a mindbending exercise in machine voodoo, I:Cube gets deeply dubby and Gilb'r goes round the globe with a totally tropical take on matters.


12" Info: *one copy found!**

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