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The Sticks / Hand On Heads

Split 10"

    Hands On Heads' debut release proper is this split 10" with their friends The Sticks. It's a meeting of messed up minds that documents a shared surpise at the expressive freedom pop music can yield, when it's adventurous and playful, and creating it's own thinking party sound. The spooked lyricism and frantic spontaneity of Hands On Heads' music perfectly complements the heartfelt gooey blues of The Sticks, which leaks from the brake cables of this clattering runaway train of a record. These are two bands writing their own future in their awkward, instinctual yet ever-involving compositions, and that daring bridge of kinship is the rationale for them to share these two sides of wax.

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    It’s not often you get a random head sent up in the post without context. But after awhile we worked it out.…
    Tue 7th - 12:35
    Yes, it was a great non-album launch 😀 Glad you enjoyed it! 🤞the album will be here on March 17th. Still time to g…
    Tue 7th - 12:05
    PRESALE OF THE DAY: @smellybdrmm 'I Don't Know' Effects-laden guitars and motorik Neu! grooves but now with added…
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    A new week and a new @dinkededition coming your way. Set those alarms for tomorrow, Tuesday February 7th at 2pm. ⏰…
    Mon 6th - 6:45
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