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Benoit B

UNTHANK 13 - Caution 9'6" High

Lovers of new EBM, dark disco and lysergic house music are in for a treat here!!!

Having issued a solid number of equally solid releases on the likes of Berceuse Heroique, Versatile, Wisdom Teeth, Peur Bleue and his own finely curated imprint, Banlieue Records, Benoit B steps up for the latest Unthank 10" installment!

A world populated by eerie synth-pop textures, hypno-industrial oddities, electroid dynamics and hip-hop breaks gone astray. 100% retro-futuristic Bauhausian blends for the DJs and dancers out on a limb.

Essential listening if you've previously gotten off on: Phaserboys, Aiwa, Disco Hallal, Hiroshima 45 Chernobyl 86 Windows 95 - basically the entirety of our EBM / shamanic section!

10" Clear vinyl with 75mm, metallic labels. Two colour screen printed sleeves with artwork by House Of Traps.


Matt says: An utterly stellar record to kick off 2020 from our good friends up in Edinburgh. The Firecracker lads have come a long way since their first utterances back in... 2005 I think? Now with a variety of sub-labels and projects under their belt, the Unthank wing of operations continues to deliver up-to-date and highly relevant dancefloor excursions to our willing and receptive head spaces. Benoit B here supplies some absolutely killer new EBM vibes to get freaky to and kick away those January blues! You need this!

Firecracker’s dwarf constellation Unthank thaws down from a small cryogenic suspension and delivers its first 12”!

Tracks from the vault from Cardiff’s DJ Guy (Other World Music / Cejero / All Caps) who’s been busy since 1992. All tracks designed to be played loud and with the dance in mind whilst taking in all sorts of melancholy, euphoria and pastoral, acid soundscapes. DJ Guy's production is instantly recognizable, - combining a plethora of vintage hardware with an M25-informed, free-party spirit; a renegade with a synthesizer and a dream.

RIYL Dream 2 Science, Autechre, Unit Moebius, μ-Ziq, RX-101, vintage AFX etc.


Matt says: A mid 90s selection from Carfiff's Guy Evans. Brutalist in parts, harmonic in others; with a view to motorway bridges and abandoned buildings. Smiley face not included.

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