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Raj Veer & Alba D Toro

Qalaam' Spiritual Poetry Set To Music

“This is the essence of instrumental beauty, and of endless charm, Spiritual poetry set to Music: Qalaam`.”

Featuring Bamboo Flute and Acoustic Guitar, a collection of songs based on the mystic poetry of the subcontinent; spanning seven hundred years from the 12th Century poem Man Kun to Maula written by Amir Kushrao to Saif Ul Malook penned by Mian Mohammad Baksh in the late 19th Century.

These poems have been sung and recited through the ages in musical and aural renditions. Many people in the East and West still follow their transcendental philosophy to this day, which is universal and evergreen. All compositions have been reworked to bring them into the modern time, featuring Ràj veer’s unique style of Bamboo Flute which brings an effortless balance of western feel ornamented with the colour and spirit of the East.

Working Class

Call It What You Want

    Working Class are a four piece, funk/rock fusion band from the north east of England. 

    As captivating to watch as she is to listen to, Little Sparrow's beautifully emotive use of expression mirrors the sincerity of her delivery, making her someone not to be missed.

    Her delicately crafted folk songs are created with a combination of flawless vocals, strings, guitars, percussion and tender harmonies.

    Singer-songwriter Katie Ware adopted the name Little Sparrow about three years ago as she felt it characteristic of the sound she was beginning to create and the direction in which she wished to travel.

    Drawing upon influences as diverse as Kate Bush, All About Eve and PJ Harvey she creates songs that are filled with a blend of styles, woven into the colourful tapestry of her music, often with a mysterious fairytale quality.

    Listeners are taken on a journey that touches upon every emotion, from heart-breaking sadness to uplifting joy.

    ‘Castrate me with your teeth; I’m yours to destroy. I’m all yours’ - the opening lines of Stuart Warwick’s new album provide an indication of the intense emotions captured on the album’s 10 tracks.

    Brighton based Stuart Warwick has, under the moniker ‘Jacob’s Stories’, already notched up two albums and performed alongside the likes of Bat For Lashes, Four Tet, Marc Almond, and Richard Walters (who duets on the album’s dark fairytale "Misplaced Hearts"). Comparisons to Radiohead and Rufus Wainwright abound, however, Stuart’s voice is, as Michael Wright (Brassica/Gold Blood) notes, ‘delicate, bittersweet and uniquely his own’ and as Natasha Khan (Bat For Lashes) simply described as ‘beautiful’.

    The album explores our human ordeals - the passions, tragedies and triumphs. Topical and challenging, Stuart’s songs address issues such as the Christian ‘anti-gay’ movement ("Ex-Gay") and Shannon Matthews’ ‘kidnapping’ ("I Promise U"). However, hope and inspiration are also manifest – "Artemis 20" celebrates the success of Hilary Lister, the World Record breaking quadriplegic sailor, whilst "When Plagues End" recounts the life affirming creation of the AIDS Memorial Quilt.

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