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W.L.W.A.S.I.O.H. (K Lost Acid Dub)

The allusive K returns with a new "Lost Acid Dub" with an indecipherable title preceding it, it harks back to a time of white label anonymity whilst delivering a supreme slice of late-night fog-fueled nitrate rushes.

I mean, was there ever a track more made for a smoky strobe light and a bottle of poppers. Adam H is haunting my mind's eye writing this!

Seriously tho, biting 303s, compressed, slamming houz beats and a post-come-up, XTC-soaked sweat-n-tingle that'd make the most ardent Sankey's raver blush.

This is the business folks! Don't sleep! 


WLWASIOH (K Lost Acid Dub)

Unknown Artist 002

Unknown - Untitled

Since the early days of electronic music, white label records have been inextricably linked to DJ culture and the ways in which underground music has been disseminated. unknown - untitled draws on the white label concept withholding details about the producers behind the tracks and leaving listeners to draw their own conclusions about what they’re hearing.

The concept label focuses primarily on vinyl releases, with previews of the tracks available online, but information about the artists only to be found within the record sleeve itself. Several weeks after the vinyl is out, there is a digital release that reveals who was behind the tracks. The roster ranges from new and emerging producers to more established artists looking to explore new sounds.

The label's second release, presents four glitched out expansive cuts taking in everything from warped jungle and twisted percussive workouts to cerebral techno and immersive IDM. With online personas often eclipsing the focus on music itself, here lies a return to form.


A1 - A1
A2 - A2
B1 - B1
B2 - B2

Delicate Wash returns to tease and please once again with a bright cocktail of mind-melding melodies accompanied by stiff drum machine rhythms. Four piquant party starters pulled from the shores of a vintage future-scape where the horizon glows from a perpetual sunset, and there's just enough gravity to keep your feet bouncing on the sand. Versatile, balanced and blendable, Delicate Wash #5 contains all the ingredients for you to build your own seductive sonic universe!


A1. Take It Off
A2. Girls!
B1. AovE
B2. Come And Get Her

Unknown Artist

Lapis Lazuli EP

25 years after this cult UK label first emerged, the brains behind the bangers are here to hip a new generation to these enduring and essential club weapons - remastered and hand-stamped for 2021.
Primitive represented a stripped down and sonically heavyweight series of essential DJ tools, winning wide support from Techno an House DJ's alike & enduring - perhaps due to their raw, basic construction - way beyond their original inception. 

On PRIM03, the mysterious producer leads us into psychedelic territories with a winding narcotic opener, garbled alien A2, pinging, zinging and subaquatic B1 and steppy insectile B2. All killer no filler folks.



The 4th release from jungalist / hardcore revival label Bring Back Records and the cult label doesn't disappoint with three tracks of high end rude boi business.

"Night Selector" is pure '93-era badness, with a stretched Amen powering through atmospheres and bells - big vibe in the place when this one drops massive.

"Light In The Ghetto" switches tact straight into break-hardcore territory, endorphine-rushing, sped-up female vox, deep pads and a Prodigy-styled rave line. One for the original Bowlers / Dreamscape cru....

Finally, "Lobster P" is a frenzied, Jeep-friendly jungle roller with rumbling subs, assault rifle beats and wild leads. When the drums fully launch their attack there's nowhere to hide! 


Matt says: Trunk rumblin' jeep business straight outta mid 90s UK here as the excellent Bring Back label revisit another classic bit of heritage and replicate in authentic style. All the massive!


A1. Night Selector
B1. Light In Ghetto
B2. Lobster P

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