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Bohannon X Dimitri From Paris

Let’s Start To Dance Again

    Dimitri From Paris gets hold of the stems for Bohannan's cult disco classic - "Let's Start The Dance" - flipping the theme for a post-COVID danceanthon - signaling our return to the clubs after the last year's pandemic disruptions...

    An already very fiery number gets fried up even hotter at the hands of DFP - adding layers and layers of swirling analogue sfx, drawn out dub delays and beefing up the whole mix x 1000. It kicks even harder than the OG, and there's plenty of extra instrumental lines to get your headspace / arses in line with. It's a classic DFP production - retaining all the characteristics from its first inception but tweaking it just enough so people'll be left thinking 'what da fuck?!', right in the middle of the floor!

    Two new mixes plus the two original mixes tagged on to compare and contrast. Excellent and essential stuff from Unidisc. 


    A1. Let's Start To Dance Again (Dimitri From Paris Remix Extended Version)
    A2. Let's Start To Dance Again (Dimitri From Paris Remix Super Disco Blend)
    B1. Let's Start To Dance Again (Original Mix)
    B2. Let's Start The Dance Pt. 2 (Original Mix)

    Alan Dixon remixes of Patrick Cowley here, part of the esteemed Unidisc campaign which seems intent on bringing the best of hi-nrg, disco and boogie straight back into our living room discos!

    They don't get much more hi-nrg, and indeed crotch-thrusting than Cowley's ero-disco-throbber, "Lift Off". Originally released in 1983 (on the same album as "Megatron Man"), there's a poppers huffing, highly charged energy throughout; those raunchy synth nips and squiggles synonymous with the porn soundtrack producer all present and correct, whilst a rambunctious array of electronic instrumentation - not forgetting that forceful octave bassline sequence - all take us to hi-nrg heaven!

    Alan Dixon contributes 2 mixes which offer up a galvanized patina, certain to tickle the speaker stacks that bit more aggressively than it's 1983 counterpart. Also included is the original album version and an alternative mix from the original release for completion and comparison! An absolute must for disco heads! 


    Matt says: Beautifully reissued by Unidisc with lush sleeve (I know! - I usually don't care!). Hi-nrg erotic disco from the singular visionary Patrick Cowley. Up to date power ups provided by Alan Dixon who beefs it up proper for the rigs. A truly deluxe edition!


    A1. Lift Off Ft. Paul Parker (Alan Dixon Love Attack Mix)
    A2. Lift Off Ft. Paul Parker (Alan Dixon DJ Friendly Mix)
    B1. Lift Off Ft. Paul Parker (Original Album Version)
    B2. Lift Off Ft. Paul Parker (Original Remix)

    In 1981 Patrick Cowley and partner Mart Blecman chose "Get A Little" as the debut single for their brand new dance music label, Megatone Records. Originally the B-side opener to Cowley's first solo album, "Megatron Man", it's fitting that 40 years later this important dance song is getting a rerelease with fresh remixes from Alan Dixon (and amazing embossed disco bag to boot).

    Disheartened by the lack of promotion and distribution off by Fusion, Patrick and Marty decided to set up their own label releasing not only Cowley's work, but by other synthesizer disco bands around the Bay Area and beyond. Megatone Records quickly captured the sound of the city's legendary gay nightlife.

    "Get A Little" was one of the first releases on the label and perfectly captures the energy that surrounded this highly creative collaboration. With supreme vocals by J. Block, amazingly vibrant chorus and verse sections and highly frenetic instrumentation featuring the vast array of Patrick burgeoning synth collection - it must have sounding unbelievably fresh at the time! This new edition by Unidisc curates the original album version, a remix by Paul Parker from 1989 and two new mixes by Alan Dixon which, while beautifully faithful to the original material manage to give Cowley's music new life and vigor through some rugged and galvanized outboard mastering. This is unmissable stuff for your disco and hi-nrg collection! 


    Matt says: One of two ultra deluxe reissues from Unidisc. "Get A Little" is one of Cowley's most anthemic party tracks - fizzing with energy and with a stiffening hook that'll make you reach for the nitrates instantly. Boosted by two Alan Dixon remixes this is unmissable hi-nrg disco for your next chemsex party.


    A1. Get A Little (Alan Dixon Love Attack Mix)
    A2. Get A Little (Alan Dixon DJ Friendly Mix)
    B1. Get A Little (Album Version)
    B2. Get A Little (Original Remix)

    As part of the legendary Canadian label Unidisc's ongoing 40th anniversary celebrations, Lime's 1983 HI-NRG masterpiece is back with a super-fresh 2021 re-rub from the one and only Tiga.

    Husband and wife duo Lime (aka Denis & Denyse LePage) notched up tons of hits with their own unique brand of fast paced electronic disco and Italo leaning dancefloor bombs. 'Angel Eyes' was one such hit, a driving vocoder heavy synth fest with whiplash electronic drums and serious attitude to boot that can turn any discotheque into throbbing sweaty hysteria! Who else could lend their own style and flavour to such a momentous track but the man Tiga, whose darker edged and chopped up poppy remix takes 'Angel Eyes' into altogether different territory! Absolutely essential repress, beautifully presented by your friends over at Unidisc.


    Matt says: A hi-nrg number with wild Italo stylings concocted by lovers Denis & Denyse LePage in 1983. Undeniably back on trend, check the Tiga remix for darker dancefloor debauchery.


    A. Angel Eyes (Tiga Remix)
    B1. Angel Eyes (Original Mix)
    B2. Angel Eyes (Dub Mix)


    DJ's Delight (Mark Knight & Michael Gray Remix)

    Another entry into Unidisc's mammoth 40th anniversary celebrations is this sublime prime piece of 1983 boogie pressure from Ingram, boasting a refix from the mighty Mark Knight & Michael Gray.

    James Ingram's evergreen jam was an anthem at 80's soul weekenders in the UK, as well as being a crossover record that found favour with B-boys and ravers alike with it's easy electro funk groove. A true classic in every sense of the world, 'DJ's Delight' is one of those tracks that just doesn't stop - watch that bassline! In the spirit of celebration, Unidisc has invited remix heavyweights Knight & Gray to bring their vision of the track into the year 2021 with their modern peaktime version appearing here in both extended and single versions alongside the OG mix. Absolutely essential repress, beautifully presented by your friends over at Unidisc. Limited copies! 


    Matt says: Pure, unrefined electro-boogie from Ingram. A highly sought after early blueprint of the scene, given a modern twist by MK and MG. These Unidisc represses are insane!


    A. DJ's Delight (Mark Knight & Michael Gray Remix)
    B. DJ's Delight (Original Mix)

    None come much bigger than the pairing of legendary synth alchemist Patrick Cowley and the incredible gay icon Sylvester. 'Menergy' is such a classic record, recorded a year before Cowley's death in 1981; a slamming piece of HI-NRG funk that will have everybody within the nearest vicinity on the dancefloor in a heartbeat. The sound of early 80's gay San Francisco; unashamed, proud and ridiculously ahead of it's time. Pair this music with the skills of cult producer and editor extraordinaire Purple Disco Machine and you have a potential new classic on your hands! This PDM extended mix is backed with the killer original mix and is undoubtedly an unmissable reissue package beautifully presented by your friends over at Unidisc.


    Matt says: Everyone knows that Sylvester and Cowley are the best combo of hi-nrg heat one can muster. "Menergy" is one of their camp high water marks sure to instigate groin grabbing, nitrate huffing pleasure across the more homo-erotic dancefloors.


    A1. Menergy (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
    A2. Menergy (Purple Disco Machine Remix Instrumental)
    B1. Menergy (Original Mix)
    B2. Menergy (Original Mix) (ft. Sylvester)
    B3. Menergy (Reprise)

    Geraldine Hunt's 1980 classic "Cant Fake The Feeling" gets the remix treatment from none other than Carl Cox. Featuring 2 new mixes from Carl plus the original and the highly useful dub.

    "Can't Fake The Feeling" held the #1 spot of the Billboard Dance chart for several weeks in 1980 and sounds as fresh as ever... Carl Cox needs no introduction with a career dating 4 decades and still going strong. Oh yes.


    Matt says: Coxy gets his mitts on this upper echelon disco totem. He doesn't do much to it other than straighten out the arrangement and add a thumpin' kick, for an Ibiza-friendly terrace workout that's sure to please the masses. Thankfully it also includes the original AND the dub - so this is one bumper package of this truly great moment of disco history.


    A1. Cant Fake The Feeling (Carl Cox Remix)
    A2. Cant Fake The Feeling (Carl Cox Rework)
    B1. Can't Fake The Feeling
    B2. Can't Fake The Feeling (Dub)

    "Megatron Man" is the second studio album by American disco producer, porn composer and multi-talented musician Patrick Cowley. Released in 1981, highlights include the vocoder-driven title track and the relentlessly funky "Get A Little."

    Famous for working with American disco vocalist Sylvester; his body of work spans hi-nrg disco, slow cosmic, electronic funk and boogie; often with a highly erotic slant to his music. He is regarded as a pioneer of early electronic music, having influenced acts such as Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Lime, and more. 


    Patrick says: 'Tache master and primo synth wielder Patrick Cowley hit a highpoint with this 1981 LP, powering into the heart of the mirrorball nebula with certified bombs like the title track and the HUGE "Get A Little".


    A1. Megatron Man
    A2. Sea Hunt
    A3. Teen Planet
    B1. Get A Little
    B2. Lift Off
    B3. Thank God For Music


    Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel / More Than A Woman

    Tavares were an American disco-soul-funk band, with a great deal of songs that charted on Billboard, including their disco hit “Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel”, which topped the US Dance Chart in 1976, and is potentially one of the most tasteful 'wedding disco' hits you can lay your hands on. The band won a  grammy award for their rendition of The Bee Gee’s “More Than A Woman” in 1978. Both tracks have been rerecorded for this special, pink marbled, 12’ edition on Unidisc. Everyone's a winner baby! oh wait.. sorry... wrong  band :P

    Limited copies - move quick! 


    A. Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel
    B. More Than A Woman

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