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Underground System return to Razor-N-Tape with the Looking In EP, A 5-track offering of fresh originals and remixes.

Ranging from low-slung Balearic grooves, to driving left-field funk and urgent up-tempo backbeats, the record is a fine-tuning of the US sound, complete with their signature flute and synth soundscapes, driving percussion, and catchy offbeat vocal hooks.

On the B-side, RNT mainstays Nenor and Clive From Accounts take two of the tunes into clubbier territory, with a pair of remixes primed for the dance floor.


A1. Looking In
A2. Sleazy
A3. Your Distraction
B1. Sleazy - (Nenor Remix)
B2. Looking In - (Clive From Accounts Remix)

Fela Kuti

Underground System

    By the time of these recordings Fela Kuti was HIV positive, drug addicted and had been brutalised by continual imprisonments and beatings at the hands of the Nigerian authorities. Over a fifteen year period he had sung about injustice, persecution, the downtrodden and the poor. He championed everyman's right to a decent life, decent education and freedom from intolerance. He had his all too obvious faults but his music remains a testimony to a performer justifiably known as the 'King of Afro-beat'. The last album of newly recorded material to be released during Fela’s lifetime, 1992’s ‘Underground System’ is an outstanding swansong. While Fela’s recorded output slowed up as the 1980s progressed - largely as a result of ongoing arrests, beatings and jailings - his final years of recording produced some of his strongest work, notably ‘Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense’ (1986), ‘Beasts Of No Nation’ (1989), ‘Overtake Don Overtake Overtake’ (1990) and ‘Underground System’.


    Underground System
    Pansa Pansa

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